IUB TEL-T 205 - The One With All The Monies (3 pages)

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The One With All The Monies

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The One With All The Monies


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Indiana University, Bloomington
Tel-T 205 - Intro to Media & Society

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TEL T 205 1st Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Current Lecture I The One With All The Monies Current Lecture Stages of Media Developments Big Picture Issues Applies widely all technologies have gone through the stages They do not always make it through the stages If they do they go through the same issues prompted at each stage Social Determinism contrasts with technological determinism The social needs that drive which technologies are adopted and used Technological Determinism technology drives social needs Social determinism affects the way we make decisions on new technology Today all articles take a technological determinism point of view but typically the way they are used are independent of the way the creators intended for them to be used Ex Telephone inventor thought it would be a broadcasting medium ultimately was not used this way transformed into a communication medium Ex Phonograph Edison invented what he thought was to be voicemail Turned into a wake to copy and store music People saw potential for the phonograph to be used in a different way from what it was originally invented for exemplifying social determinism Ex The Internet People shape and transfer technology to satisfy their needs Ex 3 D Mercedes Benz incorporating 3 D technology to social desires Technologies Interrelate new technologies are not adapted in isolation they are adopted with other known and understood technologies Ex First Broadcast was a camera in a radio station with people reading the news Ex Online newspapers layouts resemble print newspapers We think and use technologies in context with what we know Economic Model Technology cannot make it to the peak stage without a solid economic media model need to find a way for technology as well as content How do you pay for content Economics of Media Industries radio in the U S 1st example of no control over who can access 3 Main Models were tried Manufacturers pay for programming Pay for towers stations content writers directors actors

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