CU-Boulder COMM 1210 - Communication As Activity (3 pages)

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Communication As Activity

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Communication As Activity


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University of Colorado at Boulder
Comm 1210 - Perspectives on Human Communication

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COMM 1210 1st Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Current Lecture Key Concepts Communication as activity Effectiveness Social Consequentiality Accountability Current Lecture I Communication action When we communicate verbally orally through gestures through symbols and images through silence we act o Orally is the noises other than words you that you make Communication as activity communication has the capacity to create maintain change our social relations and others actions o You can also get other people to do things for you motivate people to action or change their actions Effective communication brings about relations actions that individual speakers desire II Communication in Messages 1 Consists of sending receiving well crafted messages to from others 2 A social socially consequential activity Communication is not just talk It often has an immediate social material consequence These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o EX I pronounce you man and wife or You re fired 3 A structured activity Communicators follow o Rules in context X in order to achieve Y say or don t say Z o Norms general guidelines of ethical moral conduct 4 Accountable activity Breaking rules norms invites negative judgment sanctioning or social exclusion people will judge you for messing up Effective vs ineffective communication 5 Goal oriented activity We communicate to achieve particular social ends even when we just shoot the breeze the need to be effective Thus we want to communicate effectively because then we reach our goals i e get what we need or want The best messages clearly concisely convey the speaker s purpose 6 Effective communication requires discipline You can t just say what you feel like saying You have to be thoughtful choose appropriate message time Messages ought to be carefully designed for particular audiences and contexts and carefully received 7 Habitual Activity

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