WSU HD 300 - Abuse of Children (5 pages)

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Abuse of Children

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Abuse of Children


Abuse of Children

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Washington State University
Hd 300 - child abuse and neglect

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HD 300 1st Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Last Lecture I Definition of Child Abuse II Incidence Outline of Current Lecture I Historical View of Children II Justification for Abuse III Mutilation IV Infanticide V Sexual Misuse of Children VI Legal Action VII Justification for Prevention of Child Abuse Current Lecture Historical view of children Historically children were viewed as property of their fathers Patria Postestas ownership of children Patriarchy Fathers were the boss Important terms will be tested on these Until the 20th century children were viewed and treated as little adults Justification for Abuse Maintain discipline Transmit educational ideas Abuse in schools Please certain Gods Sacrifice Expel evil spirits Beating the devil out of the child Religious beliefs and practices Political agendas King Herod Put out an order to kill everyone under age two Holocaust Mutilation These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Male circumcision Most common operation performed Pros Cleanliness Prevents phimosis the foreskin getting closed together Causing infection and making it difficult to get an erection for older men Prevents the need for circumcision later on by choice or need Cons Hemorrhage or infection by doctor error not as common anymore Scarring May reduce sexual satisfaction extremely rare Female genital mutilation FGM Estimated two million females each year In 1993 WHO called for its elimination Cultural occurrence Mostly in Africa and the middle East December 2012 UN called for a global ban Reasons causes psychological physiological sexual and reproductive harm UN launched education programs Some immigrants to the US request a ceremonial version of FGM Small cut in the clitoral hood Complications of FGM Hemorrhage infection and tissue damage At time of procedure At time of intercourse During and following childbirth Life long complications trouble

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