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Talks about all the different eclipses.

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ASTR 1345 1st Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Definition of Gravity II Precession III Phases of the Moon A Definition of Lunar Phases B New Moon C Waxing Crescent Moon D First Quarter Moon E Quarter Moon F Waxing Gibbous Moon G Full Moon H Waning Gibbous Moon Third Quarter Moon and Waning Crescent Moon IV Sides of the Moon A Far Side B Dark Side C Bright Side D Definition of Terminator V Synodic VI Sidereal VII Tropical Year Outline of Current Lecture I Lunar Eclipse II Solar Eclipse III Line of Nodes IV Umbra V Penumbra VI Penumbral Eclipse VII Partial Eclipse VIII Total Eclipse IX Solar Corona X Eclipse Path XI Annular Eclipse Current Lecture These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute l Lunar Eclipse is an eclipse during which Earth blocks light that would have struck the Moon ll A solar eclipse is an eclipse during which the Moon blocks the Sun lll The line of nodes is a line along which the plane of Moon s orbit intersects plane of the ecliptic lV Umbra is the central completely dark portion of a shadow region of total or annular eclipses V The penumbra is the portion of a shadow in which only part of the light source is covered by the shadow making body Vl Penumbral Eclipse is a lunar eclipse in which the Moon passes only through Earth s penumbra Vll A partial eclipse is a lunar or solar eclipse in which the eclipsed object doesn t appear completely covered Vlll A total eclipse is a solar eclipse during which the Sun is completely hidden by the Moon or a lunar eclipse during which the Moon is completely immersed in Earth s umbra lX A solar corona is the Sun s outer atmosphere X The eclipse path is the track of the tip of the Moon s shadow along Earth s surface during a total or annular solar eclipse Xl An annular eclipse is the eclipse of the Sun in which the Moon is too distant to cover the Sun completely so that a ring of sunlight is seen

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