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Psy 0010 - Introduction to Psychology

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PSY 0010 1nd Edition Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture I Applied Clinical Professionals II Research III Psychology is a Natural Science Outline of Current Lecture II Correlation A Correlation Coefficient B Correlation and Causation III Experiments IV Procedures V Regulations VI Ethics Current Lecture Correlation Examine relation between variables Literally means co relation o Sometimes between 2 variables o Most often between more than 2 variables EX time spent studying and grade on into to psych exam Correlation Coefficient Represented by lower case r o Can be positive or negative EX r 0 37 o The indicates the direction of the relationship Could be positive or negative Could be anything between a completely positive 1 00 and complete negative 1 00 o The number indicates the strength of the correlation The bigger the number the stronger the relationship between the variables These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Positive Correlation o As one variable increases so does the other OR as one variable decreases so does the other o EX exercise and fitness weight and height study time and high grades Negative Correlation o As one variable increases the other decreases o EX more partying lower grades less sleep less attention span Zero Correlation o When there is no relationship affect between two variables o EX color of hair and house you grow up in Correlation does NOT prove Causation Correlation and Causation 1 Low self esteem could cause depression OR 2 Depression could cause low selfesteem OR 3 Distressing events or biological predisposition could cause depression AND OR low self esteem Experiment Enables isolation of cause and effect o Because they can manipulate factor s of interest o Can keep other factors under control Independent Variable I V Factor that is manipulated by the experimenter o Because of this the researchers are able to look at cause and

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