UT Knoxville PHIL 252 - How to Conduct a War (2 pages)

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How to Conduct a War

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How to Conduct a War


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Phil 252 - Contemporary Moral Problems

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Phil 252 Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture II Virtue Ethics a Negative Concern b Positive View Outline of Current Lecture III How to Conduct a War a Standards of War i Geneva Convention b Examples of philosophical war questions c Ways to justify actions i Doctrine of Double Effect d Fighting Dirty Current Lecture I How to Conduct a War a Are there any standards on how to conduct a war i The Geneva Convention stated that we cannot mistreat prisoners and put some moral standards on war However some countries continue not to follow this contract ii Is it morally wrong or right to break the contract What if the contract says it is wrong but the action is necessary to win 1 There is no way to enforce morality or the Geneva Contract in war There is no force big enough to hold all of the countries responsible to act morally b Example Topics i Terror bombing Terror bombing does not go after military targets it attacks civilians with the intent to scare the country into backing down 1 USA bombing Japan in WW2 ii Laying siege to a city involves cutting off a city or towns resources in order to drain the military however civilians always suffer too 1 Popular during Civil War times These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute iii Dropping Napalm poisons the crops and ruins the opponents food source economy far longer than the war 1 USA did this in Vietnam to the farms so that nothing would grow iv Biological Weapons Is it okay to gas our enemies v Nuclear Weapons Is it okay to use such destructive weapons against people c Ways to Justify our actions i Follow the Utilitarian View and say that the ends justify the means 1 Saying it is okay to bomb a country as long as it will help your side win ii Follow a more Kantian View and say that there are some means that are absolutely wrong 1 This is called Deontology a Deontology says that t is always wrong to kill innocent people

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