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Review Proteins, Go over Mineral and Vitamin Digestion, Begin Chemical Analysis Section

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Ansc 318 - Feeds & Feeding

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ANSC 318 1st Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture I Structure Classifications Terminology and Digestion Processes for Lipids and Protein Outline of Current Lecture II Protein a Review Ruminant Digestion Process b Digestion Process in Hindgut Fermenters c Comparative Nutrition III Minerals a Overview and Concentrations b Functions IV Vitamins a Overview b Classifications and Attributes c Deficiency Examples d Comparative Digestion V Analysis of Feedstuffs a Importance of Feedstuffs Evaluation b Factors Affecting the Nutrient Concentrations of Feeds Current Lecture Protein Ruminant Digestion of Proteins NPN and Protein enter the rumen NPN is broken down into ammonia ammonia is then converted to microbial protein MP excess ammonia is absorbed across the rumen wall Protein is split into Degraded Protein DIP and Undegraded Protein UIP DIP is made into ammonia and then MP UIP and MP then enter the small intestine and are converted to amino acids AAs are a product of enzymatic digestion and are absorbed through the small intestine through active transport which does require energy Hindgut Fermenter Digestion of Protein in the small intestine enzymatic digestion converts protein to AAs AAs absorbed through small intestine by active transport Fermentative digestion takes place in the large intestine and cecum These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute protein AA ammonia NH4 MP MP is not digested or utilized it will just be excreted in feces Comparative Nutrition Nutrient GIT Site Pig Protein AAs are linked by peptide bonds enzymatic and fermentative digestion Stomach No enzymatic digestion Horse See pig Cow See pig No enzymatic digestion A lot of fermentative digestion to AA and NH3 conversion of NH3 to MP A lot of enzymatic digestion of MP and UIP to AA active transport of AA from lumen of small intestine Limited fermentation no value Small Intestine A lot of

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