MSU ANS 110 - Intro to Swine (3 pages)

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Intro to Swine

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Intro to Swine


swine history, breeds, Board Stub

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Michigan State University
Ans 110 - Introduct Animal Agriculture

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ANS 110 1nd Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Medieval times II A Horses B Farmers ranches Companion animals Outline of Current Lecture II Early Domestication of Swine III Major Breeds IV Top Countries and trade exportation importing V Boar Stub Pyramid Current Lecture I II Early domestication of swine A Well suited for stable agrarian lifestyle 1 Not well for nomadic a Can run far but get spent and monagatric garbage 2 Pork storage salted pork barrels 3 Production eastern corn belt a Porkopolsis Cincinnati Ohio 1835 8 Major Breeds A Venture breed 1 Crossbreeding easy to raise a Not prolific good about of offspring 2 Black 6 white points and erect ears B Legerity 1 Bigger footed prolific 2 Snow white lower ears C Red Hog jersey reds 1 Fast growing sir breed a Heavy muscle lean b Sir not drain have down ears D Hamster Pork These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best Used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 1 III IV Terminal sir a Utilized for muscle and lean 1 Don t grow rapidly b Not prolific black with white belt erect ears E Land raise sal 1 Longer body small legs Joe hounding ears a Very prolific have and raise offspring F Bowlen china 1 USA breed a Much like botchier b Bald face c White tip tale down tipped ears G Spotted bowled 1 Hog with white 2 Prolific H Yorcher deal 1 Mother breed a Prolific b Most popular 40 1 High utilized for commercial proposes Top 5 countries trade exportation importing A China Europe USA Brazil Russia B Exporting 1 USA Europe Canada brazil china C Importing 1 Japan Russia Mexico china south Korea Hong Kong Boar Stub Pyramid A Career option Facility employee 1 Husbandry knowledge 2 Livestock handling skills 3 Boar collection collect semen B Secretarial employee 1 Account detail office work 2 2 way organization order in out production 3 People skills a Talk on phone give information weather semen complains C Lab technician 1 Attention to detail a Run a tight

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