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Proceedings R u d d i m a n W S a r n t h e i n M et a l 1989 of the Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results V o l 108 28 BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC SYNTHESIS LEG 108 EASTERN EQUATORIAL ATLANTIC 1 P P E Weaver 2 J Backman 3 J G Baldauf 4 J Bloemendal 5 H Manivit 6 K G Miller 7 8 E M Pokras 8 M E Raymo 8 L Tauxe 9 J P Valet 10 A Chepstow Lusty 11 and G Olafsson3 ABSTRACT Leg 108 cored 12 sites in the eastern equatorial Atlantic and along the northwest African continental margin to investigate the late Neogene and Quaternary oceanographic and climatic history of these regions Sediments recovered during Leg 108 provide in part a high resolution stratigraphic record for the upper Pliocene through Holocene interval The bio and magnetostratigraphy are intercalibrated where possible and provide a useful chronostratigraphy for paleoceanographic studies INTRODUCTION The objective of Ocean Drilling Program ODP Leg 108 was to retrieve Neogene sediment using advanced hydraulic piston core extended core barrel APC XCB techniques for high resolution paleoclimatic studies along a latitudinal transect in the eastern equatorial Atlantic This data was required to complete the latitudinal transect of cores taken in the North Atlantic during Deep Sea Drilling Project DSDP Leg 94 and to investigate other questions associated with the response of surface productivity and eolian input to changing climatic and oceanographic conditions In addition this program was ideal for establishing biostratigraphic reference sections in undisturbed Neogene sediment cores from the low latitude Atlantic Ocean Another major objective was to establish a high resolution paleomagnetic stratigraphy thus providing the first opportunity to investigate and evaluate the chronologic properties of biostratigraphic marker events in pre upper Pliocene sediments from the low latitude Atlantic Ocean Considering the substantial number of DSDP ODP sites that have been drilled in the Atlantic Ocean and the prominence of the low

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