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More Mammals

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More Mammals


Strepsirrhines, Lorisiformes, Lemuriformes

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University of Texas at Austin
Ant 301 - Physical Anthropology

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ANT301 1nd Edition Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture I Problems with arboreal hypothesis II Who does have forward facing eyes III Visual predication hypothesis IV Prosimians V Tarsiers VI Key anatomical features Outline of Current Lecture I Strepsirrhini II Lorisiformes a Galaginae b Lorisinae III Lemuriformes Current Lecture I Taxonomy II Order Primates III Suborder Strepsirrhini has rhineriums a Strepsirrhines share characteristic features that aren t hound in haplorhines specifically with grooming i Grooming claw 1 If 2 monkeys are grooming each other they use hands but if lemurs are doing it they use tooth comb ii Tooth comb 1 Claw has revolved from nails 2 Sublingua is a toothbrush for the comb IV Taxonomy V Infraorder Lorisiformes Africa and Asia VI Subfamily galaginae bushbabies or galagos a Nocturnal b Africa only c Arboreal These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute d Vertical clingers and leapers long legs e Diet insects fruit gums diet only fauna adaptation for what they eat VII Subfamily lorisinae lorises a All are slow b Mobile joints because they reach out and grab mulpitple supports c Type of primate whos diet is 100 fauna d Nocturnal and arboreal e Africa and Asia f Only venomous primate in the world VIII Taxonomy IX Order Primates X Suborder Strepsirrhini has rhineriums XI Infraorder Lemuriformes a Lemurs only found in Madagascar i Family cheirogaleidae 1 Mouse lemur 2 Fat tailed dwarf lemur put fat in tail ii Family lemuridae 1 Day active lemur 2 Ring tail lemur terrestrial and social

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