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Background knowledge to the course

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University of Texas at Austin
His 314k - History of Mexican Americans in the United States

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HIST314k 1nd Edition Lecture 1 Outline of Last Lecture I None Outline of Current Lecture Intro II Commencement Speech A Waller B Morado III Mexican Acknowledgement of indigenous Ancestors IV Laura Padilla Current Lecture I How do we study history how do we fit in the social environment that we are born into a Commencement speech i Waller 1 We take life for granted 2 Atheists have blind certainty 3 Sense of social surrounding perspective be conscious of your surroundings and how to see the world 4 Liberal education is supposed to teach you how to think a Solution pause stop and think what is my vantage point be socially conscious lib education is helping you develop end product is a socially conscious being b We are naturally inclined to be self centered but also mutualist c Mexican community values reciprocity i In order for people to understand and appreciate history of other people they need to practice empathy because we all live in these silos ii Miguel Morado part of Voces 1 Easy with people like him to develop empathy 2 Mex Americans that fought in the second world war 3 American GI Forum understand and appreciate the positions that they took in social inequality b Mexicans need to acknowledge indigenous ancestry so they can connect to political community These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute i Making out way Abriendo Brecha demolition on Mexican American university ii Knowledge is for you to try to understand the larger world iii Their culture and history is being erased by the demolition of this building but they will endure c Laura Padilla i Her lineage goes back to 1680 in the land dispute ii Both the genetic cancers come from the founder gene from a Jewish descendent in Chiwauwau region iii Family that is marked by chaos iv Teaches Latina letters to Colorado state

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