UGA TELE 3010 - Introduction to Media Economics (2 pages)

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Introduction to Media Economics

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Introduction to Media Economics


This is the introduction to media economics, where in the next class there is more detail and explanation, and continuation of the subject.

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University of Georgia
Tele 3010 - Intro Telecom

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TELE 3010 1nd Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I The Importance of Structure and Agency a How structure and agency work together Outline of Current Lecture I Introduction to Media Economics Current Lecture Media Economics Here are the past historical considerations of media ownership 1 Private Ownership in U S Telegraph Western Union Telephone Bell AT T Radio Westinghouse G E which is now NBC 2 The Rest of the World Public Ownership PTT Post Telephone Telegraph Radio Broadcasting These public owners used Public Service Model or Tradition Broadcasting Wanted to treat people as citizens not consumers Not guided by profit put guided by priorities of broadcasters and audiences In this sense everyone is a valuable audience It s a universal service everyone pays and everyone is serviced What they hope you get is diverse tastes interests and subcultures Languages and regions They need to be represented Created special services for children and elderly like our Saturday morning cartoons for kids Created cultural and informative programming not just entertainment This is the public service model The argument against it is that trash talking and freedom of speech was limited like Public Service Announcements for example U S Broadcasting for profit These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute The electromagnetic spectrum was how local networks had television Local broadcasting Signals were sent up to the electromagnetic spectrum and people could choose to download them to broadcast The Rise of Networks Link local stations Share content quality programming Share revenue advertising They did all of this to give us content through our broadcasting

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