TAMU PSYC 371 - Roles of Forensic Psychologists (7 pages)

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Roles of Forensic Psychologists

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Roles of Forensic Psychologists


Discussion over the Roles of Forensic Psychology, Historical Perspective, Relevant Court cases, and the scientific method

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Psyc 371 - Forensic Psychology

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PSYC 371 1st Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Last Lecture I What is Forensic Psychology II What is Forensic III Forensic Clinical Psychology IV What do Forensic Psychologists do V The American Legal System a Psychology and Law b Hadfield and the wild beast c McNaughten VI Sigmund Freud Psychologists VII Hugo Munsterberg VIII Muller vs Oregon IX Brown vs Board of Education Outline of Current Lecture X Roles of Forensic Psychologists XI Historical Perspective a Cottage Industry i Tom Grisso ii APA Ethics Code XII Lockhart v McCree a Death qualified XIII McCleskey v Kemp XIV Roles a Basic Science b Discover Universal Laws of Functioning c Forensic Evaluation d Civil and Criminal Inquiries e Provide Reports and Testimony f Trial Consultation g Impartiality vs Adversarial Allegiance XV Correctional Psychology a Who They Are b What They do i Direct Treatment ii Administrative Duties iii Assessment Evaluation iv Research v Policy Evaluation vi Simultaneous vs Sequential Eyewitness Procedures XVI Scientific Method a What science is i Logical ii Non circular Reasoning iii Objective and Reliable iv Falsifiable v Replicable XVII Junk Science XVIII Correlational Method a Operationalization Current Lecture What do they do Might provide valuable info to the legal system that deals with mental health Historical Perspective Gradual increase in the field during the 60 s and 70 s o National Science Foundation funding Provides funding for grants o American Psychology Law Society 1968 Forum for ppl interested in the intersection of psyc and law o Law Human Behavior 1971 Focuses on legal issues that have an influence on psychology o Psychology public policy Law 1995 Historical Perspective Cottage Industry Tom Grisso Professor of Psych Specializes in writing forensic evaluation reports to the courts APA Ethics Code Aspirational principles o 5 general concepts that psychologists aspire to follow benevolence and no mal practice responsible just autonomous o Specialty guidelines for forensic

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