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Media Business

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Media Business


How media works in the business world

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Jour-J 110 - Foundatns of Jour & Mass Comm

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J110 1ST Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture I What is Communication II 4 Levels of Communication a Intrapersonal b Interpersonal c Group d Mass III Mass Communication VS Mass Media IV SMCR V Evolution of Mass Communication Outline of Current Lecture I Cultivation The Mean World Syndrome II Media Enjoyment III The Media Business IV Transforming the Media World a Development of Private Ownership in the U S V Early Newspaper Ads VI Growth of National News a Era of Big Media Cultivation Theory that television can have effects on viewers Originally by George Gerbner The Mean World Syndrome https www youtube com watch v msfu8YCCc8Q Linking television violence to communities and societies feeling frightened TV instills FEAR Aren t worried as much about people imitating acts of violence seen more worried about the people becoming so fearful Media Enjoyment Elevation Appreciation Witnessing Moral Beauty Inspiration Emotional pulls Excitement and fun Example Anchorman VS 12 Years a Slave The Media Business Consolidation Globalization The Long Tail Transforming the Media World Development of Private Ownership in the U S 1700s Newspapers were associated with political parties Funded by high subscription fees Early Newspaper Ads Growth of National News 1800s 1900s Newspapers Magazines 1930s Radio 1950s TV 1980 Cable TV TODAY The Era of Big Media Media Conglomerates 1983 90 owned by 50 companies 2012 90 owned by 6 companies Bertelsmann Largest publisher Changes in Big Media Conglomerates splitting up New companies becoming important Vertical Integration controlling all aspects of a media project Production delivery promotion

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