ISU SOA 223 - Self Esteem & Self Perception (3 pages)

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Self Esteem & Self Perception

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Self Esteem & Self Perception


Self Esteem overview, ways to improve, studies related, and self-presentation...

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Soa 223 - Social Psychology

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SOA 223 1nd Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture 1 Conducting Research 2 The Self 3 Sources of Self Concept Outline of Current Lecture 1 Culture 2 Self Esteem 3 Self Presentation Current Lecture Source 5 Culture Self concept is also influenced by cultural factors Contrasting cultural orientations o Individualism o Collectivism Individualistic cultures People strive for personal achievement Collectivistic cultures People drive more satisfaction from the status of the valued group Dialecticism Eastern system of thought that accepts the coexistence of contradictory characteristics within a single person Gender and Self Across cultures men generally have more indepence women have more interdependent view of self Differences may be due to socialization o Cultural stereotypes parental feedback educational treatment o Evolution may contribute to gender differences Self Esteem Positive or negative evaluation of self The need for self esteem Satisfying this need is critical to our entire outlook on life Those with a positive self image tend to be happy healthy productive and successful These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Those with a negative self image tend to be more depressed pessimistic about the future and prone to failure Measurement Rosenberg Self esteem Scale On the whole I am satisfied with myself At time I think I am no good at all R S Reverse Scored I take a positive attitude toward myself Theories about why we need self esteem Sociometer hypothesis Self esteem is a cue of the extent to which we are getting along with others Terror management theory People are motivated by a fear of death and self esteem is a way to conqure that fear Another theory related to self esteem Self discrepancy theory Self esteem depends on discrepancy between actual and ideal self and more specifically o Amount of discrepancy o Importance of discrepancy to self o

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