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Lecture 3: Federalism focuses on the powers given to State & Fed governements, separation of powers, checks and balances, & marijuana legalization

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Pols 1337 - US Govt: Congress,Pres & Crts

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POLS 1337 1st Edition Lecture 3 Federalism I Separation of Powers Separation of Powers consists of 3 Branches Legislative Branch Congress Executive Branch President Judiciary Branch Courts Each branch is equal yet independent to the others Weaknesses of Separation of Powers A branch could still grow too powerful depending on the power of the others Solution Checks and Balances II Checks and Balances Help make separation of powers more effective Based on Montesquieu s ideas no branch has a monopoly over any gov t activity Checks by Congress On the President Impeachment deny funds to president s objectives refused confirmation of the president s appointment treaties override vetoes 2 3 vote On the Judiciary Impeachment alter jurisdiction and of justices propose constitutional amendment to override objective ruling create new courts These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Impeachment usually occurs b c of a crime or scandal Action is taken by the House of Representatives Ex 1 Andrew Johnson 2 Bill Clinton both presidents were acquitted Checks by President On Congress Veto legislation enforce laws call special sessions On Judiciary Appoints all judges and justices implements judicial decisions The President decides which laws go into place and also makes budgets Ex Within the same day a Police officer pulls over 2 cars that are both going 15 mph over the speed limit 1 driver is given a warning while the other driver is given a ticket The same law is not always enforced in the same way Discretion Judicial Checks On Congress Can declare laws unconstitutional Ex ObamaCare On President Can declare president s acts unconstitutional Ex Watergate Scandal United States v Nixon Watergate Scandal Nixon recorded conversations in the white house to create a memoir During investigation Nixon refused to hand over tapes stating that he had executive privilege that white

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