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Assignment Four Evaluating a Popular Culture Text This assignment is based on one developed by Christine Helfers Due Dates Heuristics See daily syllabus First Draft Mon Nov 20th Polished Draft Mon Nov 27th Background Popular Culture is literally the culture of the people and popular culture texts can include a variety of things including advertisements popular fiction graphic novels television film popular music magazines videogames and increasingly the internet with sites like myspace and facebook Because we are immersed in popular culture we absorb it unthinkingly and we don t consider what effects it has on us as individuals and as a society We owe it to ourselves to understand how popular culture works on us and to consider what values are being promoted and what values are privileged and which are marginalized One goal of education is to help you become a more discerning consumer of this material and you do this by analyzing how it works and then you make judgments as to its value In other words you learn to evaluate this material As you may imagine there are a wide variety of popular culture texts Television films and advertisements that portray college students or the college experience in various ways Sometimes that portrayal is comic sometimes not Sometimes such portrayals merely perpetuate particular stereotypes and in so doing they color or shape our views of college and college students Your Task As a college student you are concerned about the public perceptions of college and you realize that popular culture representations of university life influence these perceptions So imagine that you have been asked to contribute an article to Newsweek or Time in which you evaluate a popular culture text that portrays college students I would suggest you pick a TV show film or advertisement as your text You might also consider someone s facebook or myspace site if you wish but be careful about which you choose because some are too extreme to be discussed in a

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