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Living the Brand

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Living the Brand


V. Living the Brand VI. Big Brands Colonizing Cultural Life

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Comm 2360 - Rhet & Pop Culture

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COMM 2360 1nd Edition Lecture 9 Outline of Last Lecture I Dominant Messages II Ad Creep III Rise of Brand Culture IV Living the Brand Outline of Current Lecture V Living the Brand VI Big Brands Colonizing Cultural Life Current Lecture September 10 2014 Review Advertising s dominant messages brands are what s left after transition from informational to consumer society o 50 chance of being in info part of society pushing pixel or pencils o other 50 in service economy make beds for info econ Living in the Brand brand is rhetorical negotiation o not something that s out there usually intimate and attached to our bodies hard to separate who we are from the brand it s a signifier of our ID product is secondary to brand mode of identification over persuasion o a different kind of rhetoric o advertising system system of rhetoric and persuasion have to look at it as a changing mode of persuasion o if earlier ads gave you a list of why you should use toilet paper 1990s managing a brand is not like a regular campaign about telling a story creating identities of people you want and negotiating identity o in order to move someone you have to convince them that they are a kind of person who would behave in a certain way takes on a spiritual significance These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o not unlike a religion it s got saints a god a moral code precepts and doctrines gives life meaning infusing it with significance ex big brand Nike Gatorade think of types of images attached to Gatorade in head what does life center of brand look like o athletes connected intimately o you don t just drink Gatorade so it replenishes your electrolytesit gives you will to succeed sweat Gatorade image is a way of connecting Gatorade to spiritual essence Micky Mouse something old project street performance took idea of brand as religion did street preaching in front of Tate center

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