Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Pols 207 - State & Local Goverment

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POLS 207 1st Edition Exam 2 Study Guide: Lectures 6-10 Lecture 6 Politics Among the States State political cultures, with a focus on Texas, and how this affects policy decisions. Political Culture: Different states have different cultures and this affects the policies that citizens want and the policies that states enforce. Useful concept because it focuses on state history and the development of important factors influencing politics and policy. The Concept of Political Culture: - Political culture is a shared framework of values, beliefs, and habits in regard to government and politics. INDIVIDUALISTIC POLITICAL CULTURE: - Approach to government and politics that emphasizes private initiative with minimum government interference. - Stresses the importance of the INDIVIDUAL and PRIVATE initiative. - Government is limited to protecting individual rights o Ensuring political and social relationships are based upon merit rather than traditions, family ties, or personal connections. MORALISTIC POLITICAL CULTURE: - Approach to government and politics in which people expect government to intervene in the social and economic affairs of the state, promoting the public welfare and advancing the public good. - Participation in politics is your civic duty! o If you want government help – you have to be part of the system. TRADITIONALIST POLITICAL CULTURE: - Approach to government and politics that sees the role of government as the preservation of tradition and the existing social order. o RESISTANCE TO CHANGE. - Government in the hands of the social elite. o Ordinary citizens are relatively low participants. Texas Political Culture o Texas Political Culture is distinctive for a variety of reasons:  Great size and relative isolation until 20th century.  NO INTERFERENCE.  Status as an independent Republic before joining the Union.  PATRIOTISM.  Mixture of Old South and being West of the frontier.  INDIVIDUALISM. o However, Texas political culture is increasingly being altered by the rise in minorities – currently the dominant Anglo-majority shapes the culture. Based on Daniel Elazar’s definitions of political culture; - Texas stands on the midpoint between Traditionalist and Individualist political culture. - TRADITIONAL: o Long history of one party rule (From Democratic to now Republican) o Low levels of turnout o Social and Economic conservatism - INDIVIDUALISTIC: o Strong support for private business o Opposition to big government o Faith in individual initiatives Purposes of Government What role should the government play in supporting society? 1. Maintain Order 2. Provide Public Goods a. Education, Sanitation, Streetlights, parks, utilities. 3. Promote Equality Orange = benefits the market is unable to provide. Benefits and services available to and beneficial to everyone. Residents of Texas want the government to maintain order but don’t want to pay higher taxes. The Role of Government Totalitarian ------------------------------------------------------------ Anarchy - Totalitarianism is the idea that government should have UNLIMITED POWER. Example = North Korea - Anarchy – NO GOVERNMENT, no government power. Example = Somalia. The Role of the Government in the Economy Socialism --------------------------------------------------------------- Capitalism (Equality) (Efficiency) - Socialism – government owns the basic goods and services ...

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