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Exam 1 Study Guide

This study guide covers important vocabulary as well as causes and consequences of events covered in the lecture.

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Hist 106 - History Of The U S
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HIST 106 2nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide o Lincoln’s approach to Reconstruction  Lincoln had a softer approach to reconstruction as he did think that some people needed to be punished not by death but by stripping of their political rights  Lincoln also thought that only 10% of the southern population had to swear allegiance to the Union  Lincoln did not live to see his Reconstruction as he was assassinated o Johnson’s approach to Reconstruction  The radical Republicans initially thought that Johnson being put into the presidential seat because Johnson hated plantation owners because they took opportunity away from small farmers  Johnson was easily wooed by the southerners and granted out pardons to everyone  When Johnson was done with his “reconstruction”, there were former high- ranking confederates were back in power in the south  Congressional Reconstruction o Military Reconstruction Act  Divided the south into 5 military district and each was ruled by a general  All of the generals were put with the power that they would make sure that all congressional reconstruction took place in their district  They made sure that the 13th and 14th amendments were put into place  For the first time in history, Republicans were put into congressional seats in the south due to the influx of black votes o 1870s-some whites in the south were getting fed up with the congressional reconstruction and the beginning of terrorism against blacks  Klu klux klan-terrorize the blacks and there were many acts that hurt many blacks  The redeemers-were really intent on restoring white supremacy in the south (getting rid of republican governments in the south, getting blacks out of congress, not allowing blacks to vote)  Getting many men together for “shooting club” and having armed up rises against a county with a black in administrative power  Many innocent blacks were killed and this group fed a lot of feeling of anxiety  Started becoming a very big problem in the early to mid 1870s and President Grant was adamant on cracking down on the violence in the south  Panic of 1873-really hit the southern economy hard and the price of cotton fell by half  Drove a lot of people out of business and drove a lot of people in to sharecropping  Sharecropper-lived and farmed on someone else’s land and they would farm the land and get to keep a portion of the land for themselves and the landowner would get a portion  The sharecroppers would usually be starting from nothing and they would get a loan from the landowner for the materials needed for farming and they would usually never be out of debt to the landowner  Nationally, Grant was blamed for the Panic of 1873, a lot of republicans were pushed out of congress and for the first time since the Civil War, the democrats controlled the HOR  Election of 1876 o The north was tired of ...

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