The Origins of Concern with Government I

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The Origins of Concern with Government I

Finishing off from Tuesday lecture and then moving onto the different periods of government. The rise of federal power and the problems people have with this.

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Pols 207 - State & Local Goverment

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POLS 207 1st Edition Lecture 8 Outline of Last Lecture I. Politics Among the States Outline of Current Lecture II. Finishing Institutional Differences Among States III. The Origins of Concern wit Government a. Periods of Government in America b. Growth of Federal Power Current Lecture:  Institutional Difference between States cont.  Voting methods o Different in most states. Less and less states use the punch card method of voting and more and more are becoming electronic. o Voting methods are state controlled – so they can have different registration procedures etc.   The Origins of Concern with Government  Many fear big government o However, they only want it to be small if they can still provide the services they want.   Periods of Government in America  No Government Period: 1776 to 1850  Period in which there is literally no government.  Up to individuals to get everything they needed done. o Period of county government o Rural, low population  People often had a lot of land o Self-dependence o The best government was the least government  Tradition from Jefferson o Traditional government – kept records, ownership of property, protected property  People would rarely report births – so population data is rarely accurate.  Municipal Government Period: 1850-1995  As the US got bigger there was a greater need for government.  Vast populations in a small space created issues without government – problems over land were the main concern. There was no free land to farm anymore and so they lived in cities.  Houses were made of wood and therefore cities were prone to fires – this was one service they desperately needed. o Influx of European immigrants to cities causing congestion  New technology; people could get to the US far quicker than previously. o Services for water, sewage, waste, crime, health codes, building codes, mass education  Immigrants would run out of money and this would lead to added crime.  There was an excess of infectious diseases and they would spread extremely fast. Needed health codes to try and counter-act this. o Municipal government provided services o Corruption  The longer people stayed in power, the greater the chance for corruption.  They would help people in return for votes. o Ward heelers  They would organize the parties and maintain the power of these.

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