Politics Among States

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Politics Among States

A discussion of the differing political cultures among states and the role of government in these. Also a look at the different types of government's and where the US fits on the spectrum.

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Texas A&M University
Pols 207 - State & Local Goverment

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POLS 207 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Current Lecture II. The Texas Political Culture A. The Concept of Political Culture III. Purposes of Government a. The Role of Government b. The Role of Government in the Economy Current Lecture: The Texas Political Culture Different States have different cultures and this affects the policies that they enforce and the policies that citizens want. The Concept of Political Culture  Political culture is a shared framework of values, beliefs, and habits in behavior in regard to government and politics.  Texas political culture is distinctive for a variety of reasons. o The state’s great size and its relative geographic isolation until the 20th century are important factors.  Isolated, allows Texas to create its own culture without interference from other states. o Texas was an independent republic before joining the United States.  Texas residents are often very patriotic to the State. o Its mixture of the Old South and the West of the frontier contribute to the state’s distinctiveness.  Though some Texans, particularly African-Americans and Mexican-Americans, tend to be separate from the political culture of the dominant Anglo majority, history and political institutions have shaped the assumptions that most Texans bring to politics  The intense patriotism of Texans is shaped by the myth that Texas is the most wonderful place to live that ever existed.  The experience, shared with other Southern states, of slavery, defeat in a civil war and postwar occupation, and denying African-Americans full citizenship undergird the state’s conservative political culture. o After the defeat, the North made it extremely difficult for ex-Confederate supporters to vote. This angered the South. During the Radical Reconstructionist era the Democrats were the party of the South.  Reinforcing the state’s southern cultural conservatism is an extreme individualism derived from the myth of the frontier.

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