White Supremacy

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White Supremacy

Rise of segregation in the South, "Whitening the West", and the wave of new immigration facing America.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture • The Plight of the Farmers 19th c. Farmers’ Worldview Growth of Sharecropping and Tenant Farming Problems in the Agricultural System Crop-lien System One Crop Agriculture Problems for Agriculture in an Industrial Society Railroads Taxation System Agricultural Trusts Deflation The Currency Problem • Building a Movement The Grange The Farmers’ Alliance Ocala Meeting & Demands The Populist Party The Omaha Platform • The Election of 1896 William McKinley vs. William Jennings Bryan Outline of Current Lecture • The Rise of Jim Crow From de facto segregation to de jure segregation – Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 – Disfranchisement laws • Whitening the West Dawes Act and attempted assimilation of Indians Chinese Exclusion Act • Nativism and New Immigrants Shift from “old immigrants” to “new immigrants” Nativism: restriction, discrimination, assimilation Current Lecture 1. The Rise of Jim Crow a. Segregation had to be imposed on the south i. It was a new idea ii. Had to be invented iii. Did not exist before Reconstruction, and took 30 years after to enact 1. Took 40 years after to establish completely iv. States rewrote constitutions with segregation 1. Cities and towns wrote laws dealing with segregation v. Everything (schools, churches, transportation, restaurants) were segregated b. Started with the populist (from last week’s lecture) i. Party threatened to steal votes from the democrats ii. White democrats come up with plan to win back North Carolina 1. Used some strategies used by “White Redeemers” during reconstruction (terror) 2. Said a vote for the populist party (mixed party of blacks and whites) was a vote for black rule iii. Racist propaganda from democrats call on white men to “redeem” states from black rule 1. Focused on dehumanizing blacks 2. Democrats make up stories in newspapers about black men not wanting political power, but white women a. Said they were raping white women b. Said if the populist or republican party supporters did not support the democratic party, they weren’t protecting their wives and daughters and weren’t being “real white men” i. Public calls for black lynching c. Jim Crow Laws- segregated blacks i. Blacks were challenging the constitutionality of these laws ii. Thought the courts would never approve them d. From de facto segregation to de jure segregation i. De facto- By custom 1. North already had 2. Bad feelings towards blacks caused this ii. De Jure- By law e. Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 i. Democratic party wins election ii. Nov 10, 2000 whites march onto hall where Black newspaper was ran from and kill the editor (Alexander Manly- who had answered democratic newspaper ad that called for the lynching of black men and said that whites were “sowing their own seeds for harvest”) iii. Continue down street and open fire onto blacks (targeting middle class) 1. All victims were black iv. Mob ran by Democratic Alfred Waddel who appoints himself as governor of the city v. Race riots become another tactic to instill fear ...

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