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Things to Know for Exam 1 You should be able to Note Anything from lecture recordings videos or the textbook are fair game This is simply a study guide Identify and name the parts of the horse 1 2 Know the general terminology associated with horses gelding stallion filly etc 3 Know the general similarities differences in anatomy between a horse and human or other animal ie The hock is the same as what in a human 4 Name the main horses throughout history and describe what changes made them unique 5 Describe the four major changes trends that happened to the horse throughout history 6 Recognize the main Equus species alive today or in recent history and their scientific names evolution and why they happened I won t ask you to name them yourself 7 Recall the scientific classification of Equus 8 Describe the key domestication phases and approximately when they occurred a Use of horses in general b Riding vs Driving c Important people d Tack equipment development 9 Describe how horses came to the US 10 Identify the importance of horses in US history 11 Recall key populations of horses in the US and the world 12 Describe how current equestrian sports have evolved rodeo events at the National Horse Show etc 13 Describe key features of the North Carolina horse industry 14 Know typical heights and weights of miniature horses height only ponies light horses and drafts general not specific breeds 15 Recall differences among donkey and mule types 16 Define feral horse 17 Define a breed 18 Recognize and describe key features of breeds history geographic origin visual significant features types draft warmblood etc 19 Recall rare and critical breeds 20 Identify colors Black Bay Chestnut White Gray Palomino Dun Roan Buckskin Cremello Perlino Grulla Overo Tobiano Sabino and variations of these and markings of horses 21 Define the terms gait beat stride step etc 22 Recall footfall orders for the natural gaits 23 Recognize natural and unnatural gaits 24 Describe characteristics of normal movement and movement faults 25 Recognize and identify blemishes and unsoundnesses that affect horses 26 Define and describe the importance of good conformation 27 Identify key points of conformation assessment and analysis 28 Compare and identify features associated with good conformation relating to the head neck back chest withers shoulder forelimb hindquarters feet hindlimbs 29 Recognize key features of good conformation overall impressions balance proper angles as well as defects in conformation 30 Describe the equine gaits you should be able to identify describe the footfall pattern of the walk trot canter and gallop you should be able to describe main features of the unique gaits eg Breed some description of the gait itself 31 Identify movement patterns and faults General Format Probably 50 points total plus bonus points Multiple choice o 1 point each o Similar to quiz questions Matching o Match a term with a definition o 1 point each o 10 points total Short answer o Full sentences required with proper grammar spelling 1 point may be deducted from your final overall exam score if improper grammar or spelling is used extensively o Point value varies with the question o Hint Read the question carefully If I ask describe don t just list Terminology o Write in the term associated with the description definition provided o Similar to quiz questions o Spelling counts o 1 point each Labels o Parts of the horse Practice Quiz o Colors or markings similar to questions in quiz o 1 point each Bonus Questions o Usually picky or specific questions o Spelling counts Note When you see your grade in Moodle be sure to look at the RAW score not the percentage The percentage grade Moodle gives you will be wrong because bonus points are included in the RAW score For example someone may get 51 50 because of bonus points so I need to make Moodle report scores out of the highest possible

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