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Psychology for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Psychology for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Lecturer The Sarvajanik College of Physiotherapy Thangamani Ramalingam A BPT MSc Psychology Rampura Surat Gujarat India email goldbell 76 yahoo co in Dibyendunarayan Bid MPT PGDSPT Senior Lecturer and Principal Incharge The Sarvajanik College of Physiotherapy Rampura Surat Gujarat India e mail dnbid yahoo com Foreword MT Rangwala JAYPEE BROTHERS MEDICAL PUBLISHERS P LTD New Delhi Ahmedabad Bengaluru Chennai Hyderabad Kochi Kolkata Lucknow Mumbai Nagpur St Louis USA Published by Jitendar P Vij Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers P Ltd Corporate Office 4838 24 Ansari Road Daryaganj New Delhi 110002 India Phone 91 11 43574357 Registered Office B 3 EMCA House 23 23B Ansari Road Daryaganj New Delhi 110 002 India Phones 91 11 23272143 91 11 23272703 91 11 23282021 91 11 23245672 Rel 91 11 32558559 Fax 91 11 23276490 91 11 23245683 e mail jaypee jaypeebrothers com Website www jaypeebrothers com Branches 2 B Akruti Society Jodhpur Gam Road Satellite Ahmedabad 380 015 Phones 91 79 26926233 Rel 91 79 32988717 Fax 91 79 26927094 e mail ahmedabad jaypeebrothers com 202 Batavia Chambers 8 Kumara Krupa Road Kumara Park East Bengaluru 560 001 Phones 91 80 22285971 91 80 22382956 91 80 22372664 Rel 91 80 32714073 Fax 91 80 22281761 e mail bangalore jaypeebrothers com 282 IIIrd Floor Khaleel Shirazi Estate Fountain Plaza Pantheon Road Chennai 600 008 Phones 91 44 28193265 91 44 28194897 Rel 91 44 32972089 Fax 91 44 28193231 e mail chennai jaypeebrothers com 4 2 1067 1 3 1st Floor Balaji Building Ramkote Cross Road Hyderabad 500 095 Phones 91 40 66610020 91 40 24758498 Rel 91 40 32940929Fax 91 40 24758499 e mail hyderabad jaypeebrothers com No 41 3098 B and B1 Kuruvi Building St Vincent Road Kochi 682 018 Kerala Phones 91 484 4036109 91 484 2395739 91 484 2395740 e mail kochi jaypeebrothers com 1 A Indian Mirror Street Wellington Square Kolkata 700 013 Phones 91 33 22651926 91 33 22276404 91 33 22276415 Rel 91 33 32901926 Fax 91 33 22656075 e mail kolkata jaypeebrothers com Lekhraj Market III B 2 Sector 4 Faizabad Road Indira Nagar Lucknow 226 016 Phones 91 522 3040553 91 522 3040554 e mail lucknow jaypeebrothers com 106 Amit Industrial Estate 61 Dr SS Rao Road Near MGM Hospital Parel Mumbai 400 012 Phones 91 22 24124863 91 22 24104532 Rel 91 22 32926896 Fax 91 22 24160828 e mail mumbai jaypeebrothers com KAMALPUSHPA 38 Reshimbag Opp Mohota Science College Umred Road Nagpur 440 009 MS Phone Rel 91 712 3245220 Fax 91 712 2704275 e mail nagpur jaypeebrothers com USA Office 1745 Pheasant Run Drive Maryland Heights Missouri MO 63043 USA Ph 001 636 6279734 e mail jaypee jaypeebrothers com anjulav jaypeebrothers com Psychology for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS 2009 Thangamani Ramalingam A Dibyendunarayan Bid All rights reserved No part of this publication should be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the authors and the publisher This book has been published in good faith that the material provided by authors is original Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of material but the publisher printer and authors will not be held responsible for any inadvertent error s In case of any dispute all legal matters are to be settled under Delhi jurisdiction only First Edition 2009 ISBN 978 81 8448 621 6 Typeset at JPBMP typesetting unit Printed at Gopsons Papers Ltd Sector 60 To Our students Present and Past Foreword Here are a few examples of how psychology and physiotherapy are associated 1 A 9 year old boy enters a physiotherapy clinic for fracture of upper limb holding hand of his mother sees the physio therapy work going on immediately leaves mother s hand and runs away 2 A young adult referred to physiotherapy for traumatic paraplegia while talking to physiotherapist he suddenly starts crying saying that he is now a useless person 3 A middle aged female attends physiotherapy clinic for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis of knee walking with great difficulty sighs and blames her sons and daughters in law for not helping her in her illness 4 An 80 year old man recovering for implanted prosthesis of femur head is not walking despite all other factors being normal These are day to day affairs such examples can be numerous All ill patients entering physiotherapist s chamber need psychological care a few for removing fear about its future complications few for getting confidence and a few for getting help in adjustment to new way of lifestyle living and working Not only that a few patients have to be prepared psycho logically for constant physiotherapy sometimes to prepare them for a treatment not only to improve but also to prevent deterioration Unfortunately most of the physiotherapists concentrate on mechanical means of physiotherapy and the psychological aspect is not touched at all viii Psychology for Physiotherapists Students learn psychology as first year subject and forget They should know that this is the base on which they have to stand This neglected but very important subject is well elaborated by Dr Thangamani Ramalingam A and Dr Dibyendunarayan Bid in this book I congratulate them for the same I feel not only students but also practicing physio therapists should read this book and incorporate it in their daily practice MT Rangwala MD Honorary Director The Sarvajanik College of Physiotherapy Rampura Surat 395 003 Gujarat India Preface With our one decade of teaching experience we have written this book to relieve the physiotherapy students from the anxiety to take down notes This book is an attempt to make the subject of psychology easy and comprehensible to physio therapy students Psychology as a scientific subject has got more numbers of books that discuss and explain the concept in a stretched way which make the reading time lengthier Moreover as the subject has got many branches and books collecting the information and material needed for the students according to their syllabus is very difficult Because of this problem we have tried to favour students in this regard in our book There was not a single book on psychology written by physiotherapists for physiotherapy students This book is a sincere attempt to fill that gap and help students and teachers alike In our book we have expressed the value of the psychology subject in physiotherapy field by giving a separate chapter Psychology in Physiotherapy

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