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Assessment 1 Community Presentation Orehisys Lopez Ortiz Capella University FPX 4100 Prof Maritza Veiguela March 29 2023 Layout Perspectives Introduction Background How Psychology Offers Culturally Similar Evaluation of Similarities in Cultural Influences Evaluation of Differences in Cultural Influences Conclusion Introduction Background Psychology in the Middle East Key Figures Central Concerns and Comparison of Western and Middle East Theoretical Conflicts Psychology Hassan et al 2021 Oakley et al 2019 Middle East Psychology Arab area contains 22 member states Situated on continents of Asia and Africa About 5 population globally Division according to geographic and Islam is the main religion in Arab world Arabic is the official main language economic basis Saab et al 2022 Key Figures of Islamic Psychology Ibn Sina 981 1037 CE Muhammed Zakariyah e Razi 864 930CE Al Ghazali 1058 1111CE Ibn Khaldun 1332 1406CE Martyn Shuttleworth 2019 Central Concerns and Theoretical Conflicts health stability Muslim populations face spiritual biopsychosocial and economic challenges in Western countries Muslims use limited mental health services Religion of Islam gives a lot of importance to mental Muslim mental health professionals serving in universities or research organizations are well suited to serve Muslims Muslim mental health professionals can support Muslim population through training understanding and research in western countries Tanhan Young 2021 How Psychology Offers Culturally Similar Perspectives Recognizing the role of religion the American Psychological Association APA has division 36 Psychology of religion Religiosity is positive evidence suggests linking spirituality Combining theory and research of western social and and religion to improved mental health behavioral patterns with an understanding of the Quran Hadith and medieval Muslim thinkers will result in acceptance of Islamic psychology Islamic psychology is religion based perspective Western psychologists has attraction in religion based perspective Iqbal Skinner 2021 Oakley et al 2019 Evaluation of Similarities in Cultural Influences Inter relation between Islam and West Socio political cultural religious and Concept of unconditional justice for all economic factors humanity without discrimination on race colour religion regionalism ethnicity or geopolitics Rifai 2022 Evaluation of Differences in Cultural Influences minorities High acculturated immigrants and ethnic Local language proficiency Cultural barriers Dahlan et al 2019 Conclusion Psychology Commonalities of Islamic and Western Acculturation Research training advocacy of mental health care among Muslim immigrants Social justice irrespective of origin language ethnicity References Dahlan R Badri P Saltaji H Amin M 2019 Impact of acculturation on oral health among immigrants and ethnic minorities A systematic review PLOS ONE 14 2 e0212891 https doi org 10 1371 journal pone 0212891 Hassan S A Mohamed F Sheikh N Basualdo G Daniel N A Schwartz R Gebreselassie B T Beyene Y K Gabreselassie L Bayru K Tadesse B Libneh H A Shidane M Benalfew S Ali A Rao D Patel R C Kerani R P 2021 December 2 They wait until the disease has taking over you and the doctors cannot do anything about it Qualitative insights from Harambee 2 0 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 23 1 20 https doi org 10 3390 ijerph182312706 Iqbal N Skinner R 2021 Islamic psychology Emergence and current challenges Archive for the Psychology of Religion 43 1 65 77 https doi org 10 1177 0084672420983496 Jr r w h hill p c spilka b 2018 the psychology of religion An empirical approach in google books guilford publications https books google com books hl en lr id czpgdwaaqbaj oi fnd pg pp1 dq recognizing the role of religion Martyn Shuttleworth 2019 Islamic Psychology History of Psychology Explorable com https explorable com islamic psychology References Oakley L P L pez Cevallos D F Harvey S M 2019 July 25 The association of cultural and structural factors with perceived medical mistrust among young adult Latinos in rural Oregon Behavioral Medicine 45 2 118 127 https doi org 10 1080 08964289 2019 1590799Pickren W 2019 Psychology and Health Culture Place History In Google Books Routledge https books google com books hl en lr id mUi9DwAAQBAJ oi fnd pg PT5 dq Psychology is a multifaceted field that has u ndergone significant developments and transformations over the years The Middle East Rifai D S L 2022 February 2 Islam and the West in Ali al Namlah s Reconciliatory Thought Dr SLM RIFAI Part 1 Papers ssrn com https papers ssrn com sol3 papers cfm abstract id 4023963 Saab R Harb C Ayanian A H Badaan V Albzour and M 2022 Psychology in the Arab region A critical perspective on challenges and ways forward APS Observer 35 https www psychologicalscience org observer gs psychology arab region Tanhan A Young J S 2021 Muslims and mental health services A concept map and a theoretical framework Journal of Religion and Health https doi org 10 1007 s10943 021 01324 4

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