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WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY 1 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS COURSE SYLLABUS JulieMarie T Gladden MS Summer I 2024 International Human Resource Management 30806 HRM 350 FACULTY MEMBER TERM COURSE TITLE CRN COURSE NUMBER FACULTY CONTACT INFORMATION julie t gladden wilmu edu Text or call 302 270 7260 Technical requirements that may be required to utilize technology in this course A headset or microphone A webcam Course Software Hardware may be required check with Instructor Textbook s Textbook information can be found using this link to the Campus Store website Pre Requisites HRM 311 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed specifically for those students interested in the application of HRM techniques and practices in a global context It will focus on strategic issues related to the effective management of international HRM in the modern multi national organization The course will cover general HRM processes and systems but will focus on unique challenges faced by global companies as they acquire develop deploy and maintain human resources MAJOR INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS and LEARNING OBJECTIVES GOAL A The student will gain an understanding of the context of international human resource management Learning Objectives The student will A 1 Define the dimensions of international HRM A 2 Describe the factors that differentiate international and domestic HRM A 3 A 4 Discuss how cultural differences impact HR Management Identify other variables that impact international HRM WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY 2 A 5 A 6 A 7 Discuss political social technological legal and environmental factors and their influence on an organization s universal workforce Summarize the current trends of IHRM including international outsourcing international labor movements and immigration Compare and contrast employment laws and HRM practices of various countries with the United States GOAL B The student will define how the company s strategic approach to business affects international HRM in that company Learning Objectives The student will B 1 Define the approaches multinational enterprises use to manage B 2 subsidiaries Identify how the resource based view of the firm impacts its IHRM practices B 3 Discuss the elements of a comprehensive global HR strategy B 4 B 5 Identify the key metrics and people analytics used to benchmark IHRM Discuss an organization s desire for standardization of cross border HR programs practices and policies with local needs Summarize diversity equity and inclusion initiatives in IHRM programs B 6 GOAL C The student will explain how the functions of IHRM are strategically integrated into the organization s business plan Learning Objectives The student will C 1 Explain approaches issues and criteria used in selecting employees for international assignments C 2 Describe cultural language issues involved with the selection process of C 3 international employees Identify components and guidelines for performance evaluations of international employees C 4 Outline objectives and components of international compensation programs C 5 Discuss components of international training and development WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY 3 C 6 Apply concepts of international development to the multicultural workforce in the U S C 7 Explain how labor relations impacts strategic choices of the organization Summarize the role of the HR professional in managing global and mobile C 8 workforces to achieve organizational objectives TEACHING METHODOLOGY A Teaching Methods The facilitation of this course will convene online using a mix of weekly readings videos discussion boards written assignments case studies quizzes reflections and presentations B Evaluation Procedure and Grading Policy Assignment Category Week 1 Introduction to Points 100 International HRM Activity Week 2 Culture and International HRM Activity Quizzes Week 4 Case Study Week 5 Annotated Bibliography Week 6 Presentation Week 7 Discussion Board Reflection Paper Discussion Boards 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Weight 2 2 10 10 20 30 6 20 Program Competencies Refer to your College of Business Program Competencies as posted on the website Each program requires specific competencies Wilmington University Graduation Competencies Refer to the University Graduation Competencies as posted on our website C Instructor Policies Expectations Attendance Policy Please refer to Wilmington University s attendance policy to learn about attendance requirements Regular and prompt class attendance is an essential part of the educational experience Wilmington University expects student to exercise good judgment regarding attendance and absences Students accept full responsibility for ensuring that work does not suffer from absences All students are expected to attend every scheduled meeting of each class on time Exceptions may be made for WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY 4 Wilmington University sponsored or work related activities illness or valid emergencies Faculty must approve all requests for absences that are exceptions to the University Policy Vacations are not considered legitimate reasons for missing classes Faculty must be contacted prior to class in all cases except valid emergencies Failure to obtain approval for exceptions may result in lowering the final passing grade or assigning an FA failure due to absence Early departures and late arrivals will be cumulative toward total class absences It is the student s responsibility to obtain and complete assignments by the due dates Students not attending class for the first two weeks of a course will be Auto Dropped by the Registrar Additional Attendance information and Instructor specific requirements can be found in the course College of Business Late Policy The due dates for all assignments are specified in the course syllabus course schedule and or posted in Canvas Unless explicitly stated otherwise assignments are to be submitted by 11 59 PM Eastern Time on the due date Assignments submitted after the due date without a valid written excuse such as a documented medical emergency or other extenuating circumstances will incur an automatic deduction of 10 points 10 per day for up to three days following the due date after which late submissions will not be accepted and a grade of zero will be assigned for the respective assignment Students should use their official Wilmington University email to send an extension request to the instructor s Wilmington University email address at least 24 hours before the assignment due date with exceptions for emergencies

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