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Www electrochinkscam wwelectrnthunk AC Supply Tube Ballast R V Triac Diac FAN Electronic Regulator Conventional Regulator AC Supply Knob 0 Earth Wite Neutral Wre Metal Case Heating Element FAN The earth wire is connected to the metal case of an electrical appliance Eath Wre Neatral Wire Lve Wre Immersion Heater Control Unit Water Oudet AluminumMagnesium Rod Overlos Ppe Water Step 2 1 Remove the serews from the rear of the television as well as the back cover 5 Rensove the scres on the axsembly that are all the wy around the televixio Section Power Network Section MIC Interface Charging c Power iC RTC R22 CPU Vco BSI PFOI PA Step I LED Srip Replacement Tutorial Antenna Point Flash iC Audio IC tietwork C Switch On Filter Antenna RX IOFF Switch RAM ModulelLogic IC uI intetace Buzer 3 Flash iC RAM Flash Switch Artenna PFO PFO UBM NOTES 1 2 Charging Audio IC Poner iC Logic IC IC 4 Remove the speakers from the manboard bydisconneing them fro i Disconnece 3 the ribbon wvres fro the btfer boards ssing the provided connector Step 6 Step S Step 4 Step 3 detach it 6 Remove the screws tha hold the bter board inplace ep 10 tep 9 Step Ste 2 Reoe something xinilar to 7 Ya 9 To make the buffer boards free release the tabs on the boards 13 Remove the panel frame 10 by 4 Tape the dittusion layers together at the comer to keep them aligned then e buffe boErd covers Pon the boar clpxorcertain asayrom ma need ta pry ee he the clipx the coveN bezel ANing ive one a a toot LFIip up the buler boards and tape them to the panet using suction cups Step 14 Step 13 Step 12 Seep I1 17 t6 Ose pien eh he to smatler eSre ih tahs through the ehasss roe the board stde xing eed brackes on the chassis 15 he eHector s held place by o seets of tabs on each side of located 19 Removee theelector sheet 18 To release the bigger tabs you will need to raise one side while sliding i 22 the sErips to the powr cable aS the have beeen disCOnnec of 17 the Some smaller of the tabs xmaller yoe wil tabs need may to be remove placed under the t con the board boards to reach at least the new ED trips and make sre they ae properb aligned ona ReconeC 21 onnect chass S 26 25 Reinstalt the panel frame the buer board coves on de board Ad ust 26 the panel s position ad then remOve the sucion cups the t con board and ribbon wres as they are disConnected 30 Reconsect 29 Renstall 23 Reconnect the relector sheet and ctips to the rlectorrame Release hoards the bur iam the tape 25 24 Kemove the ape om the layes ofdixton and reinstall hem Perieer 28 Reinstall of she e bezet Tt and ahen n dos si he ha run the scres round 33 Reinstall the back cover and gut the srews beck inplace 2 1Monitor Modem 3System unit Mouse 6Ninter S Speaker 7 Keyboard ep 32 31 the and connCt he wire to the mais board Keinstall Reinstall infrard speakers 32 the senso and ighteee it a ihe chaxsis once more SATA Memory

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