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Math 2243 SYLLABUS Spring 2024 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Lecturer Professor Gennady Lyubeznik Vincent Hall 259 gennady math umn edu Office hours M 01 25 02 15 and Th 12 20 01 10 Discussion instructors Nellie Garcia 550 Vincent Hall garc0899 umn edu Lee Trent 559 Vincent Hall trent065 umn edu Lecture 010 MWF 12 20 01 10 KellerH 3 210 Discussion sections TuTh 11 15 12 05 VincentH 311 Instructor Nellie Garcia TuTh 11 15 12 05 VincentH 211 Instructor Lee Trent TuTh 12 20 01 10 VincentH 6 Instructor Lee Trent TuTh 12 20 01 10 VincentH 311 Instructor Nellie Garcia Text Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 4th edition by Edwards and Penney Course content This course consists of two related parts linear algebra matrices determinants Gaussian elimination vector spaces eigenvalues diagonalization and ordinary differential equations linear equations Wronskian solution by eigenvalues and eigenvectors We will cover most of chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 10 Canvas site The course will be run through a Canvas site Homework assignments and other relevant material will be posted there For information on accessing and using Canvas see the Canvas Getting Started for Students page https it umn edu services technologies resources canvas getting started students Homework Homework assignments will be posted on the Canvas course page after every lecture Homework will not be collected and graded Yet doing homework is absolutely indispensable for success in the course Problems on quizzes and exams will be very similar to the homework problems Discussion and quizzes The material introduced in lectures will be reviewed in discussion sections A quiz will be given in discussion sections every Tuesday starting January 23 The quiz will be based on the homework assigned on Friday before the preceding week and on Monday and Wednesday of the preceding week You cannot make up a quiz Three lowest quiz scores will be dropped Exams There will be three 50 minute midterm exams on Thursdays February 15 March 21 and April 18 in regular discussion sections and a final exam on Thursday May 2 12pm 3pm room to be announced Make up exams Will be allowed only under truly exceptional circumstances You must notify the lecturer not the TA at least a week in advance Calculators Only basic scientific calculators are allowed in exams and quizzes These are inexpensive can evaluate trigonometric exponential and logarithmic functions have one line displays and cannot display graphs perform symbolic manipulations or store text in memory Cell phones and internet connected devices are not allowed on exams and quizzes Total score Quizzes count for 25 each of the midterm exams for 15 and the final exam for 30 Final grade The final grade distribution for each discussion section will be determined by its students performance on the final exam An individual student s final grade within that distribution depends on his or her total score Earning 90 80 and 70 of the total score will result in final grades in the A B and C ranges respectively though the boundaries between grades may be relaxed at the lecturer s discretion By university policy a grade of A represents achievement that is outstanding relative to the level necessary to meet course requirements A grade of B represents achievement that is significantly above that level a grade of C represents achievement that meets that level and a grade of D represents achievement that is worthy of credit even though it fails to meet the course requirement Tutoring resources See the SMART Learning Commons https www lib umn edu spaces smart Scholastic dishonesty See the Student Conduct Code https regents umn edu sites regents umn edu files 2022 07 policy student conduct code pdf for general information Academic dishonesty including use of an inappropriate electronic device will result in a report to the Office for Community Standards and penalties can include a grade of zero on the task in question and or a failing grade in the course Other policies See the statements about equal opportunity and disability accommodations policy umn edu hr hiring appc text The 20University 20of 20Minnesota 20shall orientation 2C 20gender 20identity 2C 20or 20gender and about mental health resources https hr umn edu Benefits Mental Health Resources If you have a letter detailing accommodations notify the lecturer and your TA as soon as possible

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