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Website Development Presented by Abigail Atiwag Website development refers to the process of creating and designing websites including web pages content and functionality Here are key topics related to website development Front End Development HTML Hypertext Markup Language Markup language for creating the structure and content of web pages e g headings paragraphs links images Front End Development CSS Cascading Style Sheets Stylesheet language for styling and formatting the appearance of web pages e g fonts colors layout responsiveness Front End Development JavaScript Programming language for adding interactivity behavior and dynamic content to web pages e g animations form validation DOM manipulation Web Design and User Experience UX UI Design User Interface Design Designing the visual layout elements and components of web pages e g navigation menus buttons forms graphics Web Design and User Experience UX Responsive Design Designing websites to adapt and display optimally on various devices and screen sizes e g desktops tablets smartphones Web Design and User Experience UX UX Design User Experience Design Designing the overall user experience usability accessibility and navigation flow of websites to enhance user satisfaction Back End Development Server Side Languages Programming languages for developing server side logic and functionality e g PHP Python Ruby Java Node js Back End Development Databases Storing and managing website data using database systems e g MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB SQLite Back End Development Server Side Frameworks Frameworks and platforms for building dynamic and scalable web applications e g Laravel Django Ruby on Rails Spring Boot Content Management Systems CMS WordPress Popular CMS for creating and managing websites blogs and online content using themes plugins and customizable templates Content Management Systems CMS Drupal Open source CMS for building complex and customizable websites with advanced features and modules Content Management Systems CMS Joomla CMS for creating and managing websites intranets and web applications with extensibility and flexibility Web Development Tools and Technologies Version Control Systems Tools for managing and tracking changes to web development projects e g Git SVN Web Development Tools and Technologies Text Editors and Integrated Development Environments IDEs Software for writing editing and debugging code e g Visual Studio Code Sublime Text Atom PhpStorm Web Development Tools and Technologies Front End Frameworks and Libraries Pre built libraries and frameworks for faster development responsive design and UI components e g Bootstrap Foundation React Vue js Angular Web Development Tools and Technologies APIs Application Programming Interfaces Integrating third party services data sources and functionality into web applications using APIs e g RESTful APIs GraphQL Web Security and Performance SSL TLS Certificates Implementing HTTPS encryption for secure data transmission and protecting sensitive information e g SSL TLS certificates Let s Encrypt Web Security and Performance Web Security Practices Preventing common web security threats e g SQL injection XSS attacks CSRF attacks through secure coding practices input validation and server side security measures Web Security and Performance Web Performance Optimization Improving website speed performance and loading times through techniques such as caching minification compression and image optimization Search Engine Optimization SEO On Page SEO Optimizing website content meta tags URLs and internal linking structure for search engines to improve visibility and ranking in search results Search Engine Optimization SEO Off Page SEO Building backlinks social signals and online presence to increase website authority credibility and organic traffic Web Analytics and Tracking Google Analytics Tracking website traffic user behavior demographics and performance metrics to analyze and optimize website performance Web Analytics and Tracking Conversion Tracking Monitoring and measuring user conversions goals and actions e g sign ups purchases downloads on websites Web Hosting and Deployment Web Hosting Services Choosing web hosting providers server configurations and hosting plans e g shared hosting VPS hosting dedicated hosting cloud hosting Web Hosting and Deployment Domain Registration Registering and managing domain names e g com net org for website addresses and online branding Web Hosting and Deployment Website Deployment Uploading configuring and launching websites on web servers configuring DNS settings and managing hosting environments Web Development Best Practices Cross Browser Compatibility Ensuring website compatibility and functionality across different web browsers e g Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Web Development Best Practices Accessibility Designing websites with accessibility standards e g WCAG to ensure usability for users with disabilities and diverse needs Web Development Best Practices Mobile Optimization Designing mobile friendly websites implementing responsive design and optimizing mobile performance for smartphones and tablets Website development encompasses various skills technologies and practices to create functional user friendly and visually appealing websites for various purposes such as business websites e commerce stores blogs portfolios and online applications Understanding web development concepts tools frameworks and best practices is essential for web developers designers digital marketers and anyone involved in creating and managing web projects THANK YOU

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SLU CS P125 - Website Development: Building Modern and Responsive Websites

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