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Networking Presented by Abigail Atiwag Networking refers to the practice of connecting devices and systems to share resources exchange data and communicate with each other Here are key topics related to networking Types of Networks Local Area Network LAN A network that connects devices within a limited geographical area such as a home office or campus Wide Area Network WAN A network that spans a large geographical area often connecting LANs across cities or countries Types of Networks Wireless Networks Networks that use wireless communication technologies such as Wi Fi IEEE 802 11 Bluetooth cellular networks 3G 4G 5G and satellite communication Network Components Routers Devices that forward data packets between networks enabling communication between different networks Switches Devices that connect multiple devices within a LAN forwarding data packets based on MAC addresses Network Components Firewalls Security devices that monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic enforcing security policies and protecting against threats Access Points APs Devices that enable wireless devices to connect to a wired network e g Wi Fi access points Network Components Modems Devices that modulate and demodulate signals to enable communication over different transmission media e g DSL modem cable modem Network Protocols Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCP IP A suite of protocols for data communication and networking on the Internet including TCP IP UDP ICMP and ARP Ethernet A widely used LAN technology that defines protocols for data transmission and media access control MAC using Ethernet frames Network Protocols Wi Fi IEEE 802 11 Standards for wireless LANs including protocols for wireless communication security e g WPA WPA2 WPA3 and network management e g SSID channels roaming Network Topologies Star Topology Devices are connected to a central hub or switch facilitating easy management and scalability Bus Topology Devices are connected in a linear or daisy chain fashion where data is transmitted along the shared communication medium Network Topologies Ring Topology Devices are connected in a circular manner with data traveling in one direction around the ring Mesh Topology Devices are interconnected with multiple redundant paths providing high reliability and fault tolerance IP Addressing and Subnetting IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4 which uses 32 bit addresses in dotted decimal notation e g 192 168 1 1 IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6 which uses 128 bit addresses to overcome the limitations of IPv4 and support a larger address space IP Addressing and Subnetting Subnetting Dividing a network into smaller subnetworks subnets to optimize address allocation routing efficiency and network management Network Security Authentication Verifying the identity of users or devices accessing the network through methods like passwords biometrics and multi factor authentication MFA Encryption Securing data transmission and communication using cryptographic algorithms e g AES RSA to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches Network Security Firewalls Filtering and blocking unauthorized network traffic implementing access control policies and detecting preventing network threats Virtual Private Network VPN Securely connecting remote users or networks over public or untrusted networks e g the Internet using encrypted tunnels Network Services and Protocols Domain Name System DNS Resolving domain names to IP addresses and facilitating domain name registration resolution and management Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP Automatically assigning IP addresses subnet masks default gateways and other network parameters to devices on a network Network Services and Protocols Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP Monitoring and managing network devices collecting performance data and managing network configurations Network Management and Monitoring Network Monitoring Tools Software tools for monitoring network performance traffic analysis bandwidth utilization and detecting network issues or anomalies Network Management Protocols Protocols such as SNMP NetFlow and ICMP for managing network devices configurations and performance metrics Network Management and Monitoring Network Troubleshooting Identifying and resolving network problems connectivity issues performance bottlenecks and network optimization Cloud Networking and Virtualization Cloud Computing Delivering network resources services and applications over the Internet using cloud infrastructure e g IaaS PaaS SaaS Virtualization Creating virtual networks virtual machines VMs and virtualized resources to optimize resource utilization scalability and flexibility Emerging Technologies Software Defined Networking SDN Separating network control software from data forwarding hardware to enable programmable flexible and centralized network management Network Function Virtualization NFV Virtualizing network functions e g firewalls routers load balancers to improve agility scalability and cost effectiveness Emerging Technologies Internet of Things IoT Networking Networking technologies and protocols for connecting and managing IoT devices sensors and actuators in IoT ecosystems Networking is crucial in modern IT infrastructure enabling communication data exchange collaboration and access to resources across local and global networks Understanding networking concepts technologies protocols and security practices is essential for network administrators IT professionals system engineers and anyone working with computer networks and communications systems THANK YOU

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SLU CSCI 334 - Networking: Connecting the Digital World

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