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Sports Management Presented by Abigail Atiwag Sports management is a multifaceted field that encompasses various aspects related to the business administration marketing and operations of sports organizations and events Here are some topics related to sports management that you might find interesting Sports Marketing Strategies Sponsorship management Securing and managing sponsorships partnership negotiations activation strategies and sponsor ROI measurement Branding and promotion Building sports brands promotional campaigns digital marketing social media strategies and fan engagement initiatives Sports Marketing Strategies Ticketing and fan experience Ticket sales strategies pricing strategies season ticket holder programs VIP experiences and enhancing fan satisfaction Sports Event Management Event planning and logistics Planning sports events venue selection scheduling budgeting staffing and coordination with vendors and suppliers Event operations Venue setup facilities management event security crowd management and emergency response planning Sports Event Management Event marketing and promotion Promoting sports events ticket sales campaigns media coverage public relations and post event evaluation Sports Facility Management Facility planning and design Designing sports facilities amenities planning accessibility considerations sustainability practices and safety regulations Facility operations Maintenance schedules facility rentals scheduling practices user agreements and maximizing revenue streams from facilities Sports Facility Management Technology integration Implementing technology solutions in sports facilities such as digital signage mobile apps Wi Fi connectivity and smart stadium initiatives Sports Finance and Budgeting Financial management Budgeting financial forecasting revenue streams e g ticket sales sponsorships merchandise expense management and financial reporting Contract negotiations Player contracts coaching contracts sponsorship agreements broadcasting rights deals and negotiating with agents and representatives Sports Finance and Budgeting Revenue generation strategies Diversifying revenue sources fundraising initiatives merchandise sales licensing agreements and monetizing digital content Sports Law and Ethics Legal considerations in sports management Contract law intellectual property rights labor laws e g player contracts collective bargaining agreements and risk management Ethics in sports management Fair play principles sportsmanship anti doping regulations sports integrity and ethical decision making in sports organizations Sports Law and Ethics Compliance and governance Ensuring compliance with sports regulations league rules codes of conduct and ethical standards in sports administration Sports Talent Management Athlete management Talent scouting player development programs contract negotiations endorsement deals and career planning for athletes Coaching and training Recruiting coaches training programs performance analysis sports science injury prevention and athlete wellness initiatives Sports Talent Management Talent representation Sports agents talent agencies contract negotiations legal representation and advocacy for athletes interests Sports Analytics and Performance Management Data analytics in sports Performance analysis player statistics game strategies injury prevention scouting analytics and fan engagement analytics Performance tracking and monitoring Sports wearables biometric data sports science technologies video analysis and performance enhancement strategies Sports Analytics and Performance Management Sports performance management Coaching methodologies sports psychology mental conditioning leadership development and team dynamics Globalization of Sports International sports management Managing sports organizations and events in global markets cultural considerations international partnerships and cross border collaborations Global sports events Hosting major sporting events e g Olympics World Cup bidding processes event planning international marketing and legacy planning Globalization of Sports Sports diplomacy Sports as a tool for diplomacy international sports competitions promoting peace and cultural exchange through sports Sports Media and Broadcasting Media rights and broadcasting Negotiating broadcast rights deals media partnerships digital streaming platforms OTT services and content distribution strategies Sports journalism and media relations Media coverage of sports events press conferences interviews sports reporting ethics and media relations strategies Sports Media and Broadcasting Digital media and fan engagement Social media marketing content creation live streaming fan communities influencer marketing and building digital fan experiences Emerging Trends in Sports Management Technology in sports AI and machine learning applications virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR experiences esports sports tech startups and innovation in sports equipment and gear Sustainability in sports Green sports initiatives eco friendly stadiums sustainable event management practices and promoting environmental stewardship in sports organizations Emerging Trends in Sports Management Diversity equity and inclusion Promoting diversity in sports leadership inclusive practices in sports management gender equality LGBTQ inclusion and social justice initiatives in sports These topics cover a wide range of areas within sports management including marketing event management facility operations finance law talent management analytics globalization media and emerging trends You can choose a specific topic or combine multiple topics based on your interests industry focus or academic research to delve deeper into the field of sports management THANK YOU

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SLU MKT 350 - Sports Management: Strategies for Success in the Sports Industry

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