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Risk Management Presented by Abigail Atiwag Risk management is a critical aspect of business and involves identifying assessing and mitigating potential risks that could impact an organization s objectives and operations Here are some topics related to risk management that you might find interesting Enterprise Risk Management ERM Overview of ERM frameworks such as COSO ERM ISO 31000 and NIST Cybersecurity Framework Implementation of ERM practices in organizations to identify assess prioritize and mitigate risks across all business functions Enterprise Risk Management ERM Integration of risk management into strategic planning decision making processes and performance management Operational Risk Management Identification and assessment of operational risks including process failures human errors technology disruptions and supply chain disruptions Risk control measures and mitigation strategies for operational risks such as business continuity planning contingency plans and operational resilience frameworks Financial Risk Management Types of financial risks including market risk credit risk liquidity risk and interest rate risk Financial risk assessment techniques such as stress testing scenario analysis value at risk VaR and credit rating analysis Hedging strategies derivatives insurance products and financial instruments for managing financial risks Cybersecurity Risk Management Cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing organizations such as data breaches ransomware attacks phishing scams and insider threats Cyber risk assessment methodologies security controls incident response plans and cybersecurity governance frameworks Compliance with data protection regulations e g GDPR CCPA and cybersecurity best practices Strategic Risk Management Identification and assessment of strategic risks including competitive threats market volatility disruptive technologies and regulatory changes Strategic risk analysis tools scenario planning SWOT analysis and risk adjusted decision making frameworks Strategic Risk Management Strategic risk mitigation strategies such as diversification strategic alliances mergers and acquisitions M A and strategic contingency planning Compliance and Regulatory Risk Management Compliance risk assessment regulatory compliance frameworks and industry specific regulations e g financial regulations healthcare regulations Compliance monitoring internal controls audit trails and regulatory reporting requirements Compliance and Regulatory Risk Management Risk management strategies for addressing compliance risks and regulatory challenges Supply Chain Risk Management Supply chain disruptions supplier risks demand volatility logistics risks and geopolitical risks impacting global supply chains Supply chain risk assessment tools supplier risk profiling supply chain mapping and supply chain resilience strategies Supply Chain Risk Management Supply chain collaboration vendor management contract management and risk sharing agreements Project Risk Management Project risk identification risk registers risk assessment matrices and risk quantification techniques e g Monte Carlo simulation Project risk response strategies risk mitigation plans contingency planning and project risk monitoring and control Project Risk Management Agile risk management practices risk adjusted project management and lessons learned from project failures Operational Resilience and Business Continuity Business impact analysis BIA continuity planning disaster recovery planning DRP and crisis management Business continuity testing tabletop exercises simulations and incident response drills Building operational resilience redundancy planning remote work strategies and resilience against natural disasters and pandemics Environmental Social and Governance ESG Risk Management ESG risk assessment sustainability risks climate change risks social responsibility risks and ethical risks ESG reporting frameworks e g GRI SASB TCFD ESG risk mitigation strategies and sustainable investing practices Environmental Social and Governance ESG Risk Management Integration of ESG considerations into risk management frameworks corporate governance and stakeholder engagement Risk Culture and Risk Awareness Building a risk aware culture within organizations risk communication training programs and awareness campaigns Encouraging risk identification and reporting at all levels of the organization fostering transparency accountability and risk ownership Risk Culture and Risk Awareness Leadership s role in promoting risk management risk appetite risk tolerance and risk taking within defined boundaries Emerging Risks and Future Trends in Risk Management Emerging risks and megatrends shaping the risk landscape such as climate change digital transformation geopolitical instability and pandemics Future trends in risk management including AI and machine learning for risk analytics predictive modeling risk sensing and real time risk monitoring Emerging Risks and Future Trends in Risk Management Innovations in risk management technologies risk quantification methodologies and risk management best practices These topics cover a wide range of areas within risk management including financial operational cybersecurity strategic compliance supply chain project environmental social and governance risks You can choose a specific topic or combine multiple topics based on your interests industry focus or academic research to delve deeper into the field of risk management THANK YOU

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SLU EOH 577 - Risk Management: Mitigating Uncertainty and Maximizing Opportunities

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