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Retail Management Presented by Abigail Atiwag Retail management is a critical aspect of the retail industry that involves overseeing operations sales marketing customer service and overall business strategy in retail establishments Here are some topics related to retail management that you might find interesting Omni Channel Retailing Explore the concept of omni channel retailing which integrates online and offline channels to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers Discuss strategies for implementing omni channel initiatives such as click and collect ship from store and unified customer profiles Inventory Management Discuss best practices in inventory management for retail businesses including inventory tracking systems demand forecasting stock replenishment strategies inventory turnover ratios and minimizing stockouts and overstock situations Visual Merchandising Explore the importance of visual merchandising in retail stores including store layout design product displays window displays signage lighting colors and creating immersive shopping environments that drive sales and enhance brand experience Customer Relationship Management CRM Discuss CRM strategies for retail businesses including customer segmentation personalized marketing campaigns loyalty programs customer feedback mechanisms and leveraging data analytics to understand customer preferences and behaviors Retail Sales Techniques Explore effective sales techniques and training programs for retail sales associates including upselling cross selling product knowledge customer engagement objection handling and closing sales Retail Pricing Strategies Discuss pricing strategies in retail such as cost based pricing value based pricing competitive pricing promotional pricing dynamic pricing and strategies for price optimization to maximize profitability and competitiveness Retail Supply Chain Management Examine supply chain management in retail including sourcing procurement logistics distribution warehousing transportation inventory optimization and sustainability practices in the supply chain Store Operations Management Discuss store operations management in retail including staffing levels scheduling training employee performance management store policies and procedures compliance with regulations and safety protocols E commerce and Online Retailing Explore e commerce trends and strategies for online retail businesses including website design user experience UX optimization digital marketing social media integration online payment systems and fulfillment processes Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence Discuss the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools in retail management including sales analytics customer analytics market segmentation trend analysis forecasting and decision making based on data driven insights Retail Branding and Marketing Explore branding strategies for retail businesses including brand positioning brand identity brand messaging marketing communications advertising campaigns social media marketing influencer collaborations and creating a strong brand image Customer Experience Management Discuss strategies for enhancing customer experience in retail including store ambiance customer service excellence post purchase support returns and exchanges policies omnichannel customer support and measuring customer satisfaction metrics Retail Risk Management Examine risk management practices in retail including identifying and mitigating risks related to inventory shrinkage theft fraud cybersecurity threats compliance issues product recalls and crisis management strategies Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR in Retail Discuss sustainable practices and CSR initiatives in retail management including environmental sustainability ethical sourcing fair trade practices community engagement and aligning business values with social and environmental responsibilities Future Trends in Retail Management Explore emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of retail management such as artificial intelligence AI machine learning Internet of Things IoT augmented reality AR virtual reality VR voice commerce and the impact of changing consumer behaviors and preferences on retail strategies These topics cover various aspects of retail management including sales marketing operations supply chain customer experience technology adoption sustainability and future trends You can choose a specific topic or combine multiple topics based on your interests industry focus or academic research to delve deeper into the field of retail management THANK YOU

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SLU MKT 430 - Retail Management: Strategies for Success in the Consumer Market

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