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International Trade Presented by Abigail Atiwag International trade is a complex and multifaceted area that involves the exchange of goods services and capital between countries Here are several topics related to international trade that you can explore in depth Global Trade Patterns and Trends Analyzing global trade flows major trading partners trade volumes and trends over time Understanding the impact of globalization technological advancements and trade agreements on international trade patterns Trade Policies and Agreements Exploring trade policies tariffs quotas and non tariff barriers imposed by countries to regulate international trade Studying regional trade agreements e g NAFTA EU ASEAN and their implications for trade liberalization market access and economic integration International Trade Organizations Overview of international trade organizations such as the World Trade Organization WTO International Monetary Fund IMF World Bank and their roles in promoting free trade resolving trade disputes and providing financial support to member countries Trade Finance and Payment Methods Understanding trade finance instruments letters of credit trade credit export financing and their role in facilitating international trade transactions Exploring payment methods cash in advance letters of credit open account documentary collections used in international trade and their benefits and risks Export and Import Procedures Steps involved in exporting and importing goods including documentation requirements customs clearance shipping logistics and compliance with trade regulations Export promotion strategies export financing options and government support for exporters Foreign Exchange Markets and Currency Risks Overview of foreign exchange markets exchange rate mechanisms currency fluctuations and their impact on international trade Managing currency risks exchange rate risk transaction risk translation risk in international trade through hedging strategies and financial instruments Trade Agreements and Trade Blocs Examining trade agreements within regional trade blocs e g NAFTA EU Mercosur ASEAN and their impact on trade flows market access and economic integration Comparative analysis of trade policies and agreements between different regions and countries Global Supply Chains and Logistics Understanding global supply chain management logistics networks transportation modes air sea land and supply chain optimization strategies Exploring challenges and opportunities in managing complex supply chains across multiple countries and regions Trade and Economic Development Link between international trade and economic development including the role of trade in fostering economic growth job creation poverty reduction and sustainable development Impact of trade policies trade liberalization and trade reforms on national economies and industries Trade and Environmental Sustainability Exploring the relationship between international trade and environmental sustainability including trade offs between economic growth and environmental protection Environmental regulations green trade policies sustainable supply chains and corporate social responsibility CSR in international trade Trade Disputes and Trade Remedies Understanding trade disputes anti dumping measures countervailing duties safeguard measures and dispute settlement mechanisms under international trade agreements Case studies of trade disputes and their resolution through negotiation arbitration or litigation Emerging Trends in International Trade Analyzing emerging trends in global trade such as e commerce digital trade trade in services global value chains and the impact of technology on trade Implications of geopolitical shifts trade tensions and protectionist measures on international trade dynamics Trade and Innovation Role of innovation technology transfer intellectual property rights IPR and innovation policies in international trade and competitiveness Impact of innovation on product differentiation market access and export competitiveness Trade Compliance and Risk Management Compliance with trade regulations export controls sanctions and trade compliance programs to ensure legal and ethical trade practices Risk management strategies for mitigating trade risks legal financial operational and ensuring compliance with international trade laws Trade Promotion and Market Entry Strategies Developing export marketing strategies market research market entry modes direct exporting indirect exporting joint ventures licensing and market expansion strategies Trade promotion agencies export promotion programs trade missions and support services for exporters entering new markets Each topic offers a deep dive into different aspects of international trade including trade policies trade agreements trade finance global supply chains trade disputes economic development sustainability innovation and market entry strategies You can choose a topic based on your interests expertise or specific areas of study to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and dynamics of international trade THANK YOU

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SLU ECON 430 - International Trade: Navigating Global Markets

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