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Excel Presented by Abigail Atiwag Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software used for data analysis calculation visualization and reporting Here are several topics related to Excel that you can explore in depth Excel Basics Understanding Excel interface navigation cells rows columns and worksheets Data entry formatting editing and cell referencing relative and absolute references Using formulas and functions SUM AVERAGE COUNT IF VLOOKUP etc for calculations and data manipulation Data Analysis with Excel Sorting and filtering data Using PivotTables for data summarization and analysis Data validation and conditional formatting Data cleaning and manipulation techniques Charts and Graphs Creating and customizing charts bar charts line charts pie charts etc Using Sparklines for mini charts within cells Adding trendlines data labels and chart elements Interactive charts and dynamic charting techniques Advanced Excel Functions Array formulas and advanced functions INDEX MATCH SUMIFS COUNTIFS etc Date and time functions Text functions for string manipulation Lookup and reference functions for data retrieval Excel Macros and VBA Visual Basic for Applications Recording and running macros Writing VBA code for automating tasks creating custom functions and enhancing Excel functionality Using VBA to interact with external data sources and automate data processing tasks Data Analysis Tools Using Excel s built in data analysis tools Data Analysis ToolPak for regression analysis correlation descriptive statistics and sampling techniques What If analysis and scenario manager for sensitivity analysis and decision making Financial Analysis in Excel Creating financial models and projections Using Excel for budgeting forecasting and financial reporting Financial functions NPV IRR PMT FV etc for investment analysis and cash flow calculations Excel for Business Analytics Using Excel for business intelligence BI and data visualization Dashboards and interactive reports Combining Excel with Power BI for advanced data analysis and visualization Excel Tips and Tricks Keyboard shortcuts and productivity hacks Excel templates and add ins for specific tasks project management budgeting scheduling etc Excel best practices for efficient spreadsheet design data organization and error handling Excel Integration and Data Connectivity Importing and exporting data to from Excel CSV text files databases web sources etc Excel integration with other Microsoft Office applications Word PowerPoint Outlook Using Excel with external data sources SQL databases SharePoint lists OData feeds etc Excel for Data Visualization Creating interactive dashboards with slicers timelines and data visualization techniques Using Excel for geographic mapping and spatial analysis Advanced charting techniques for data storytelling and presentation Excel for Project Management Gantt charts and project timelines Resource allocation and tracking Excel templates for project planning tracking progress and reporting Excel for Statistical Analysis Statistical functions and analysis tools ANOVA regression analysis t tests etc Data modeling and hypothesis testing Statistical charts and graphs for data exploration and interpretation Excel for Academic and Research Purposes Using Excel for data collection analysis and presentation in research studies Statistical analysis in Excel for academic projects Collaborative research using Excel s sharing and collaboration features Excel for Business Reporting Creating professional reports and presentations using Excel Excel templates for financial reports sales reports KPI dashboards etc Data visualization techniques for effective reporting and communication Each of these topics provides a comprehensive exploration of Excel s capabilities and applications in various domains including data analysis financial modeling business intelligence project management statistical analysis academic research and reporting You can choose a topic based on your interests and objectives to delve deeper into Excel s functionalities and enhance your skills in spreadsheet management and data analysis THANK YOU

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SLU ITM 250 - Excel Mastery: Unlocking the Power of Spreadsheets

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