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Entrepreneurship Presented by Abigail Atiwag Entrepreneurship is a dynamic field with a wide range of topics and areas of interest Here are several topics related to entrepreneurship that can be explored in depth Entrepreneurial Mindset Exploring the characteristics traits and mindset of successful entrepreneurs including creativity resilience risk taking adaptability vision and passion Idea Generation and Validation Techniques and strategies for generating business ideas evaluating their feasibility conducting market research and validating concepts through customer feedback and testing Business Planning Developing comprehensive business plans including market analysis competitive analysis target audience identification value proposition revenue models financial projections and growth strategies Startup Funding Understanding different sources of startup funding such as bootstrapping angel investors venture capital crowdfunding grants loans and strategic partnerships and navigating the funding landscape Lean Startup Methodology Applying lean startup principles including MVP Minimum Viable Product development rapid iteration customer validation and agile processes to build scalable and successful ventures Business Model Innovation Exploring innovative business models such as subscription based models freemium models platform models and ecosystem models to create value and generate revenue Product Development and Innovation Strategies for product development prototyping testing iteration and innovation to create products or services that meet customer needs and differentiate from competitors Marketing and Branding Developing effective marketing strategies branding positioning messaging customer acquisition channels digital marketing content marketing social media strategies and customer engagement tactics Sales and Customer Acquisition Techniques for sales prospecting lead generation customer acquisition sales funnels conversion optimization customer relationship management CRM and sales strategies for startups Financial Management Financial planning budgeting cash flow management accounting financial reporting pricing strategies profitability analysis and financial decision making for entrepreneurs Legal and Regulatory Compliance Understanding legal structures e g sole proprietorship LLC corporation intellectual property protection contracts compliance with regulations licenses permits and legal considerations for startups Team Building and Leadership Strategies for building effective teams hiring talent managing teams leadership development team culture motivation communication collaboration and conflict resolution Scaling and Growth Strategies Planning for business growth scaling operations expanding into new markets internationalization partnerships mergers and acquisitions and exit strategies e g IPO acquisition succession planning Social Entrepreneurship Exploring social impact ventures social entrepreneurship models sustainable business practices corporate social responsibility CSR impact measurement and creating positive social or environmental change through entrepreneurship Technology and Innovation Leveraging technology trends e g AI blockchain IoT big data for innovation disruption digital transformation technology adoption and building tech enabled startups Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Understanding startup ecosystems incubators accelerators co working spaces networking opportunities mentorship programs and resources available to support entrepreneurs Failures and Lessons Learned Learning from failures setbacks challenges and mistakes in entrepreneurship resilience adaptability pivoting and turning obstacles into opportunities Ethics and Social Impact Considering ethical dilemmas social responsibility ethical leadership sustainability diversity equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship and making ethical decisions in business Each of these topics can be explored in depth with case studies real world examples industry insights expert interviews and practical applications to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals with valuable knowledge and skills for navigating the entrepreneurial journey THANK YOU

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SLU MGT 623 - Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Path to Innovation and Success

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