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Accounting Presented by Abigail Atiwag Accounting is a vast field that encompasses various aspects related to financial management reporting analysis and compliance Here are some topics related to accounting that you might find interesting Financial Accounting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP Overview of GAAP accounting standards and financial reporting requirements Financial statements Understanding balance sheets income statements cash flow statements and statement of changes in equity Accounting cycles Recording transactions adjusting entries closing entries and preparing financial statements Managerial Accounting Cost accounting Cost behavior cost allocation methods job costing process costing activity based costing ABC and cost volume profit CVP analysis Budgeting and forecasting Budget preparation variance analysis budgetary control rolling forecasts and financial planning models Managerial Accounting Decision making tools Break even analysis contribution margin analysis relevant costing and capital budgeting techniques e g NPV IRR payback period Financial Statement Analysis Ratio analysis Liquidity ratios profitability ratios solvency ratios efficiency ratios and using ratios to evaluate financial performance Trend analysis Analyzing financial trends over time identifying patterns and forecasting future financial performance Financial Statement Analysis Comparative analysis Benchmarking against industry peers competitor analysis and identifying strengths and weaknesses in financial performance Auditing and Assurance External auditing Role of external auditors audit procedures audit evidence audit opinions and auditor independence Internal auditing Internal control assessment risk management compliance auditing operational audits and internal audit reporting Auditing and Assurance Audit standards International Standards on Auditing ISA Generally Accepted Auditing Standards GAAS and regulatory requirements for audits Tax Accounting Taxation principles Understanding tax laws tax planning strategies tax compliance and tax reporting for individuals and businesses Corporate taxation Corporate tax rates tax deductions tax credits transfer pricing international taxation and tax implications of business decisions Tax Accounting Tax accounting methods Cash basis vs accrual basis accounting tax depreciation methods deferred tax assets and liabilities and tax efficient strategies Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Fraud detection and prevention Fraud risk assessment fraud investigation techniques forensic accounting procedures and fraud prevention controls Forensic data analysis Using data analytics in forensic accounting digital forensic techniques tracing financial transactions and identifying red flags of fraud Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Legal aspects Expert witness testimony litigation support fraud litigation and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in forensic accounting Financial Management and Capital Markets Capital budgeting Investment appraisal techniques capital investment decisions risk analysis and project evaluation Financial Management and Capital Markets Financial markets Stock markets bond markets money markets derivatives financial instruments and investment strategies Financial Management and Capital Markets Corporate finance Capital structure decisions dividend policy working capital management financial risk management and corporate governance Accounting Information Systems AIS AIS fundamentals Role of AIS in organizations components of AIS data processing and information flows in accounting systems Enterprise resource planning ERP ERP systems integration of accounting modules ERP implementation challenges and benefits of ERP for accounting functions Accounting Information Systems AIS Internal controls in AIS Segregation of duties access controls system security audit trails and ensuring data integrity in AIS Ethics in Accounting and Professional Standards Professional ethics Ethical standards for accountants ethical decision making frameworks confidentiality objectivity integrity and professional conduct Ethics in Accounting and Professional Standards Code of ethics International Federation of Accountants IFAC Code of Ethics American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and ethical responsibilities of accounting professionals Ethics in Accounting and Professional Standards Ethical dilemmas Handling ethical conflicts whistleblowing policies ethical leadership and promoting ethical culture in accounting organizations International Accounting Standards International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS Overview of IFRS adoption of IFRS globally convergence vs harmonization and differences between IFRS and GAAP International Accounting Standards Global accounting practices Comparative analysis of accounting standards across countries challenges in international financial reporting and implications for multinational corporations International Accounting Standards International taxation Transfer pricing regulations double taxation treaties cross border transactions and tax compliance in global accounting frameworks These topics cover a wide range of areas within accounting including financial accounting managerial accounting auditing taxation financial analysis forensic accounting financial management accounting information systems ethics international accounting standards and professional standards You can choose a specific topic or combine multiple topics based on your interests industry focus or academic research to delve deeper into the field of accounting THANK YOU

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SLU ACCT 220 - Accounting: Principles and Practices for Financial Management

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