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Finance Presented by Abigail Atiwag Finance is a field that deals with the management of money investments assets liabilities and financial activities within organizations institutions and individuals It encompasses various areas such as corporate finance investment management financial markets banking personal finance and financial analysis Here are key aspects and topics related to finance Corporate Finance Corporate finance focuses on financial decisions and strategies within corporations Topics include capital budgeting investment appraisal cost of capital capital structure dividend policy working capital management risk management financial planning mergers and acquisitions M A and corporate restructuring Investment Management Investment management involves managing investment portfolios assets and securities to achieve investment objectives Topics include portfolio theory asset allocation risk return tradeoff investment analysis stock valuation bond valuation alternative investments real estate private equity hedge funds investment strategies and investment performance evaluation Financial Markets Financial markets are platforms where buyers and sellers trade financial instruments such as stocks bonds commodities currencies and derivatives Topics include stock markets bond markets money markets capital markets foreign exchange markets futures markets options markets market efficiency market liquidity and market regulations Banking and Financial Institutions Banking involves financial intermediation lending deposits credit creation and banking services Topics include commercial banks investment banks central banks retail banking commercial lending consumer banking credit risk management bank regulations Basel Accords financial stability and bank supervision Financial Analysis Financial analysis involves assessing financial statements financial performance financial ratios profitability analysis liquidity analysis solvency analysis cash flow analysis trend analysis benchmarking financial modeling forecasting valuation techniques DCF comparables precedent transactions and financial statement analysis Risk Management Risk management involves identifying assessing mitigating and managing financial risks Topics include market risk credit risk liquidity risk operational risk systemic risk risk measurement techniques Value at Risk stress testing risk management frameworks risk hedging strategies derivatives insurance and enterprise risk management ERM Financial Planning and Budgeting Financial planning involves setting financial goals creating budgets forecasting revenues and expenses cash flow management budget variance analysis budgeting techniques zero based budgeting incremental budgeting financial projections long term financial planning and financial decision making Personal Finance Personal finance focuses on managing personal finances budgeting saving investing retirement planning insurance planning tax planning debt management credit management financial goal setting wealth management estate planning and financial literacy education Financial Derivatives Financial derivatives are contracts whose value is derived from underlying assets such as stocks bonds currencies commodities or indices Topics include futures contracts options contracts swaps forwards derivative pricing models Black Scholes model binomial option pricing model derivative strategies hedging and speculation Financial Regulation and Compliance Financial regulation involves regulatory frameworks laws and regulations that govern financial markets institutions and activities Topics include securities regulation banking regulation insurance regulation regulatory agencies SEC Federal Reserve FDIC compliance requirements anti money laundering AML Know Your Customer KYC and financial market integrity Financial Ethics and Corporate Governance Financial ethics involves ethical principles standards of conduct integrity transparency accountability and responsible financial decision making Topics include corporate governance board of directors executive compensation shareholder rights ethical investing sustainability reporting corporate social responsibility CSR and ethical codes of conduct Financial Technology Fintech Fintech encompasses technological innovations in finance digital finance online banking mobile payments peer to peer lending crowdfunding robo advisors blockchain technology cryptocurrencies digital wallets payment gateways RegTech regulatory technology InsurTech insurance technology and innovations in financial services International Finance International finance deals with financial transactions investments and capital flows across borders Topics include foreign exchange markets exchange rates currency exchange risk international trade finance multinational corporations MNCs global capital markets cross border investments sovereign wealth funds and global financial institutions IMF World Bank Behavioral Finance Behavioral finance integrates insights from psychology and behavioral economics into financial analysis and decision making Topics include behavioral biases confirmation bias overconfidence loss aversion investor behavior market psychology cognitive biases behavioral finance theories prospect theory mental accounting and behavioral finance applications in investment management Financial Education and Literacy Financial education aims to improve financial literacy knowledge skills and awareness about personal finance investment principles financial products budgeting saving debt management retirement planning risk management and making informed financial decisions Finance plays a vital role in the economy by facilitating capital allocation investment risk management financial intermediation and economic development It is essential for individuals businesses governments investors and financial institutions to understand financial principles practices and concepts to make sound financial decisions and achieve financial goals THANK YOU

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SLU FIN 301 - Finance: Managing Wealth and Investments

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