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Developmental Economics Presented by Abigail Atiwag Development economics is a branch of economics that focuses on understanding the economic processes and factors that contribute to the development of nations regions and communities It encompasses the study of economic growth poverty reduction income distribution human development industrialization technological progress trade globalization and sustainable development Here are key aspects and topics related to developmental economics Economic Growth and Development Analyze theories and models of economic growth development stages development indicators GDP per capita HDI GINI coefficient economic convergence structural transformation modernization theory dependency theory and patterns of development across countries Poverty and Inequality Study poverty dynamics multidimensional poverty income inequality wealth inequality poverty traps social exclusion access to basic needs food shelter healthcare education poverty measurement methodologies poverty line poverty headcount ratio and strategies for poverty reduction social safety nets cash transfers microfinance employment programs Human Development Focus on human capital development education policies healthcare systems access to quality education and healthcare services maternal and child health life expectancy literacy rates gender equality women s empowerment and inclusive development strategies Industrialization and Structural Transformation Explore theories of structural transformation industrial policy sectoral diversification manufacturing growth technology adoption innovation systems entrepreneurship small and medium sized enterprises SMEs value chains export led growth and industrial upgrading Technology and Innovation Study the role of technology in economic development innovation ecosystems research and development R D investments technology diffusion digitalization knowledge based economies intellectual property rights technology transfer and policies to promote innovation and technology adoption Trade and Globalization Analyze international trade theories comparative advantage factor endowments new trade theory gravity model trade policies tariffs quotas trade agreements trade liberalization trade openness export led growth strategies global value chains foreign direct investment FDI multinational corporations MNCs and globalization impacts on developing economies Financial Inclusion and Access to Finance Promote financial inclusion access to credit microfinance initiatives mobile banking fintech innovations savings mobilization insurance products capital markets development venture capital and financial literacy programs for underserved populations and small businesses Infrastructure Development Address infrastructure gaps transportation energy water supply telecommunications infrastructure financing public private partnerships PPPs infrastructure projects roads bridges ports airports railways connectivity logistics and the role of infrastructure in supporting economic growth and development Rural Development and Agriculture Focus on rural development policies agricultural productivity smallholder farming rural infrastructure land reform agricultural subsidies agribusiness development value chain integration food security rural urban linkages and sustainable agriculture practices Environmental Sustainability Incorporate environmental considerations into development policies and practices promote sustainable development goals SDGs climate change mitigation and adaptation renewable energy investments natural resource management conservation eco friendly technologies green growth strategies and environmental regulations Inclusive Growth and Social Protection Foster inclusive growth strategies equitable development social protection programs unemployment benefits pensions social insurance universal healthcare coverage education access skills development gender mainstreaming social justice and reducing disparities in income and opportunities Governance and Institutions Address governance issues transparency accountability rule of law corruption regulatory frameworks property rights contract enforcement business climate reforms public administration institutional capacity building and governance reforms to support economic development and private sector growth Urbanization and Urban Development Study urbanization trends urban development policies urban infrastructure housing transportation sanitation informal settlements slum upgrading urban rural linkages metropolitan planning smart cities sustainable urbanization and urban resilience Healthcare and Social Services Improve access to healthcare services universal healthcare systems healthcare financing mechanisms primary healthcare delivery disease prevention immunization programs maternal and child health sanitation hygiene promotion and social services for vulnerable populations Education and Human Capital Development Strengthen education systems promote quality education lifelong learning skills development vocational training technical education STEM education literacy programs educational equity school infrastructure teacher training and educational innovations to build human capital and enhance productivity Development economics aims to identify strategies and policies that foster sustainable economic growth reduce poverty and inequality improve living standards enhance human well being and promote inclusive and equitable development for all segments of society It involves interdisciplinary approaches collaboration with stakeholders policy analysis empirical research and evidence based interventions to address complex development challenges and achieve sustainable development goals THANK YOU

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SLU ECON 190 - Developmental Economics: Understanding Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation

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