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Construction Presented by Abigail Atiwag Construction refers to the process of creating building or assembling structures infrastructure facilities or systems according to specified designs plans and standards Here are some key topics related to construction Construction Industry Overview The construction industry encompasses various sectors involved in building projects including residential construction commercial construction civil engineering infrastructure development industrial construction and environmental construction It involves a wide range of activities from design and planning to procurement construction and project management Construction Methods Construction methods refer to the techniques processes and procedures used to construct buildings and infrastructure Common construction methods include traditional construction brick and mortar prefabrication off site manufacturing of building components modular construction assembly of prefabricated modules on site green building techniques sustainable construction practices and digital construction technologies Building Information Modeling 3D printing drones robotics Construction Materials Construction materials are the substances used to construct buildings roads bridges and other structures Common construction materials include concrete steel wood brick glass plastic asphalt cement aggregates insulation materials roofing materials and finishing materials paints tiles flooring Construction Equipment Construction equipment refers to machinery tools vehicles and equipment used in construction activities Examples of construction equipment include excavators bulldozers cranes loaders dump trucks concrete mixers scaffolding power tools surveying instruments and safety equipment helmets harnesses safety goggles Construction Management Construction management involves planning coordinating and overseeing construction projects from initiation to completion Construction managers are responsible for budgeting scheduling resource allocation procurement subcontractor management quality control safety compliance risk management and stakeholder communication Building Codes and Regulations Building codes are regulations and standards that govern the design construction and occupancy of buildings to ensure safety structural integrity accessibility and environmental sustainability Construction professionals must adhere to local building codes zoning regulations permits inspections and compliance requirements Project Planning and Design Project planning and design involve the initial stages of construction projects including feasibility studies site analysis conceptual design architectural drawings engineering design cost estimation value engineering sustainability assessments and regulatory approvals Construction Contracts Construction contracts are legal agreements between project owners clients and contractors or construction firms outlining the terms scope of work project specifications timelines budgets payment terms warranties dispute resolution mechanisms and contractual obligations Construction Finance and Cost Management Construction finance involves budgeting financing and managing financial aspects of construction projects including project cost estimation cost control budget monitoring cash flow management procurement strategies risk assessment insurance coverage and financial reporting Health and Safety in Construction Health and safety in construction are paramount to protect workers visitors and the public from hazards accidents and injuries on construction sites Safety measures include risk assessments safety training personal protective equipment PPE safety protocols emergency response plans and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations Sustainable Construction Practices Sustainable construction focuses on environmentally friendly and resource efficient building practices to minimize environmental impact conserve natural resources reduce energy consumption promote renewable materials improve indoor air quality manage waste and achieve green building certifications LEED BREEAM Green Star Quality Assurance and Quality Control Quality assurance QA and quality control QC processes ensure that construction projects meet specified quality standards technical specifications design requirements and client expectations QA QC activities include inspections testing quality audits quality management systems corrective actions and continuous improvement efforts Construction Technology and Innovation Construction technology encompasses digital tools software applications and innovative technologies that enhance efficiency productivity collaboration and decision making in construction projects Examples include Building Information Modeling BIM construction management software drone technology augmented reality AR virtual reality VR Internet of Things IoT and smart construction solutions Construction Project Delivery Methods Construction project delivery methods determine how projects are organized contracted and executed Common project delivery methods include design bid build traditional method design build single source contracting construction management at risk CMAR integrated project delivery IPD public private partnerships PPP and turnkey contracts Understanding these key topics in construction is essential for stakeholders in the construction industry including architects engineers contractors project managers developers investors regulators and clients to successfully plan execute and deliver construction projects on time within budget and to the desired quality standards THANK YOU

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SLU CVNG 150 - Construction: Principles and Practices in Building Infrastructure

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