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Dentistry Presented by Abigail Atiwag Dentistry is a branch of medicine focused on the study diagnosis prevention and treatment of oral health issues and diseases related to the teeth gums jaws and oral cavity Here are key aspects and topics related to dentistry Oral Anatomy and Physiology Understand the structure and function of the oral cavity teeth gums tongue salivary glands jawbones and related tissues Learn about dental occlusion chewing mechanisms and oral sensory perception Dental Hygiene and Maintenance Educate patients on proper oral hygiene practices including brushing flossing mouth rinsing and tongue cleaning Promote regular dental check ups cleanings and preventive treatments to maintain oral health Common Dental Conditions Identify and diagnose common dental conditions such as cavities dental caries gum disease gingivitis periodontitis tooth sensitivity malocclusions oral infections oral cancer and temporomandibular joint TMJ disorders Restorative Dentistry Learn about restorative procedures to repair and restore damaged or decayed teeth including dental fillings crowns bridges implants dentures and root canal therapy Understand materials used in restorative dentistry such as composite resins ceramics and metals Orthodontics Study orthodontic treatments to correct misaligned teeth and jaws improve bite alignment and enhance facial aesthetics This includes braces clear aligners e g Invisalign retainers and orthodontic appliances Oral Surgery Gain knowledge of oral surgical procedures for tooth extraction wisdom tooth removal dental implants bone grafting jaw surgeries orthognathic surgery and soft tissue surgeries gingivectomy frenectomy Pediatric Dentistry Understand dental care for children including pediatric dental exams preventive treatments fluoride applications dental sealants early orthodontic assessments and management of childhood dental issues cavities thumb sucking habits Periodontics Learn about periodontal health diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases gingivitis periodontitis This includes scaling and root planing gum grafts periodontal surgeries and maintenance of periodontal health Endodontics Explore endodontic treatments focused on the pulp and root canal system of teeth This includes root canal therapy pulpotomy apexification and management of dental trauma affecting the pulp Prosthodontics Study prosthodontic procedures to restore and replace missing teeth and oral structures This includes complete dentures partial dentures fixed bridges implant supported prostheses and cosmetic dentistry veneers bonding Oral Health Education Educate patients and the community about oral health promotion disease prevention nutrition for oral health smoking cessation and maintaining overall well being through good oral hygiene habits Digital Dentistry Explore advancements in digital technologies used in dentistry such as digital imaging X rays CBCT scans intraoral scanners CAD CAM systems for prosthetic fabrication 3D printing of dental models and virtual treatment planning Ethical and Legal Considerations Understand ethical principles patient confidentiality informed consent professional responsibilities and legal regulations governing dental practice patient care billing practices and record keeping Continuing Education Engage in lifelong learning and continuing education to stay updated with the latest advancements techniques and best practices in dentistry Attend conferences workshops seminars and online courses to enhance skills and knowledge Interdisciplinary Collaboration Collaborate with other healthcare professionals including physicians oral surgeons orthodontists periodontists prosthodontists dental hygienists and dental assistants to provide comprehensive and integrated patient care By mastering these aspects of dentistry and staying abreast of advancements in the field dental professionals can provide high quality oral healthcare promote patient well being and contribute to overall public health initiatives related to oral hygiene and disease prevention THANK YOU

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SLU CAD 506 - Dentistry: Exploring Oral Health and Dental Care

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