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Cultural Studies Presented by Abigail Atiwag Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines cultural phenomena including media art literature language history politics identity and everyday life through critical and analytical lenses Here are some topics related to Cultural Studies that you might find interesting Cultural Theory and Criticism Cultural analysis Methods of cultural analysis critical approaches e g Marxist theory feminist theory postcolonial theory and interdisciplinary perspectives Cultural criticism Analyzing cultural texts e g films literature music art through critical frameworks deconstruction semiotics and cultural semiotics Popular Culture and Media Studies Popular culture analysis Studying popular culture artifacts e g TV shows movies music video games social media and their impact on society Media studies Media analysis media literacy media institutions media effects media representations e g gender race class and media consumption patterns Cultural Identity and Representation Identity politics Identity formation intersectionality cultural identity politics identity based movements and identity representation in media and literature Representation in art and media Representation of marginalized groups stereotypes cultural appropriation counter narratives and activism through representation Globalization and Cultural Flows Cultural globalization Impact of globalization on cultural practices cultural hybridity transculturalism global flows of culture and glocalization Transnationalism Transnational identities diaspora communities transnational cultural production and transnational networks Memory Studies and Cultural Heritage Collective memory Cultural memory studies memory politics historical memory trauma studies and memorialization processes Cultural heritage preservation Heritage conservation intangible cultural heritage UNESCO World Heritage sites and heritage tourism Language and Cultural Communication Language and culture Sociolinguistics language ideologies linguistic diversity language policies language and power dynamics and language in media Intercultural communication Cross cultural communication intercultural competence cultural barriers intercultural conflict resolution and global communication Cultural Production and Consumption Cultural industries Creative industries e g film industry music industry publishing industry cultural production processes and cultural economy Cultural consumption Audience studies fan cultures consumer behavior cultural taste subcultures and consumerism Cultural Politics and Activism Cultural resistance Subversive cultural practices countercultures cultural activism artivism and cultural forms of protest Social movements Cultural dimensions of social movements cultural activism advocacy through art and media and cultural strategies for social change Environmental and Ecocultural Studies Ecocultural perspectives Cultural ecology human nature relationships eco criticism environmental ethics and cultural responses to environmental challenges Sustainability and culture Cultural sustainability sustainable lifestyles eco friendly practices and cultural aspects of sustainable development Digital Culture and New Media Digital cultures Online communities digital subcultures virtual worlds digital art cyber ethnography and digital identity Social media and culture Impact of social media on culture online activism digital storytelling digital citizenship and social media trends These topics cover a wide range of areas within Cultural Studies including cultural theory popular culture media studies identity politics globalization memory studies language and communication cultural production cultural politics environmental studies digital culture and new media You can delve into specific topics based on your interests academic focus or desire to explore cultural phenomena from critical and analytical perspectives THANK YOU

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SLU CMM 443 - Cultural Studies: Understanding Diversity, Identity, and Representation

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