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Cooking Baking Presented by Abigail Atiwag Cooking and baking are not just essential life skills but also enjoyable creative activities that allow individuals to explore flavors techniques and cultural traditions Here are some topics related to cooking and baking that you might find interesting Basic Cooking Techniques Knife skills Knife types cutting techniques e g chopping slicing dicing knife safety and knife maintenance Cooking methods Boiling simmering steaming saut ing frying roasting grilling baking broiling braising and stewing Basic Cooking Techniques Heat control Understanding heat sources e g stovetop oven grill temperature management and cooking with high heat vs low heat Kitchen Tools and Equipment Essential kitchen tools Pots pans utensils e g spatula whisk tongs cutting boards measuring cups measuring spoons and mixing bowls Specialty equipment Stand mixers food processors blenders immersion blenders baking tools e g rolling pin pastry brush piping bags and kitchen gadgets Cooking Ingredients Herbs and spices Common herbs e g basil thyme cilantro and spices e g cumin paprika cinnamon flavor profiles and spice blends Pantry staples Grains e g rice pasta quinoa legumes e g beans lentils canned goods e g tomatoes coconut milk oils vinegars and condiments Cooking Ingredients Fresh produce Fruits vegetables leafy greens root vegetables seasonal produce and incorporating fresh ingredients into meals Culinary Techniques and Recipes International cuisine Exploring cuisines from around the world e g Italian Mexican Thai Indian Japanese and traditional recipes Cooking for dietary preferences Vegetarian cooking vegan cooking gluten free cooking dairy free cooking and adapting recipes for dietary needs Culinary Techniques and Recipes Flavor balancing Understanding flavor profiles e g sweet sour salty bitter umami seasoning dishes creating balanced meals and adjusting flavors Baking Techniques and Recipes Baking essentials Flour sugar leavening agents e g baking powder baking soda yeast eggs butter and common baking ingredients Baking skills Mixing methods e g creaming folding whipping dough and batter consistency proofing shaping and decorating baked goods Baking Techniques and Recipes Baking recipes Cakes cookies bread pastries pies tarts muffins cupcakes scones biscuits and desserts from scratch Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Nutritious ingredients Whole grains lean proteins e g poultry fish tofu fruits vegetables nuts seeds and healthy fats e g olive oil avocado Balanced meals Creating balanced meals with protein carbohydrates vegetables and healthy fats portion control and mindful eating practices Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Nutrition education Understanding nutritional guidelines food labels nutrient rich cooking and incorporating superfoods into meals Specialty Cooking and Baking Culinary arts Fine dining techniques gourmet cooking plating and presentation culinary creativity and culinary arts education Pastry and dessert making Pastry techniques e g puff pastry shortcrust pastry dessert recipes e g custards mousses souffl s and pastry arts Specialty Cooking and Baking Ethnic specialties Regional cuisines specialty dishes festive foods holiday recipes and cultural culinary traditions Food Safety and Hygiene Food handling Proper food storage food handling practices preventing cross contamination and safe cooking temperatures Kitchen cleanliness Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen surfaces utensils and equipment maintaining kitchen hygiene and kitchen organization tips Cooking for Special Occasions Holiday cooking Thanksgiving recipes Christmas meals Easter brunch ideas and festive holiday desserts Party planning Hosting gatherings menu planning for parties appetizers finger foods and entertaining tips Cooking for Special Occasions Celebration cakes Cake decorating techniques birthday cakes wedding cakes and cake design ideas for special occasions Culinary Arts Education and Careers Culinary schools Culinary arts programs cooking classes professional chef training and culinary certifications Culinary careers Chef careers pastry chef careers culinary arts management restaurant ownership catering businesses food styling and culinary entrepreneurship Culinary Arts Education and Careers Culinary industry trends Food trends restaurant industry trends culinary innovations sustainable cooking practices and culinary industry insights These topics cover a wide range of areas within cooking and baking including culinary techniques recipes ingredients kitchen skills nutrition food safety specialty cuisines holiday cooking baking arts culinary education and culinary careers You can explore specific topics based on your interests culinary aspirations or desire to enhance your cooking and baking skills THANK YOU

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SLU DIET 390 - Cooking & Baking: Culinary Techniques and Delicious Creations

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