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Architecture Presented by Abigail Atiwag Architecture Architecture is a multifaceted field that combines art science and technology to design and create buildings structures and spaces that serve various purposes Here are some topics related to architecture that you might find interesting Architectural Styles and Movements Classical architecture Greek and Roman architectural styles classical orders Doric Ionic Corinthian and neoclassical revival Gothic architecture Gothic cathedrals pointed arches ribbed vaults flying buttresses and medieval architecture Renaissance architecture Renaissance palaces churches domes symmetry perspective and classical revival in the Renaissance Baroque architecture Baroque palaces churches dynamic forms dramatic lighting and ornate decorations Modern architecture Modernist movements e g Bauhaus International Style functionalism minimalism and the use of new materials e g steel glass concrete Architectural Design Principles Form and function Balancing aesthetics with functionality designing for human needs ergonomics and user centered design Spatial organization Architectural spatial planning circulation patterns zoning and creating functional spaces for various activities Proportion and scale Golden ratio proportion systems scale in architecture and creating harmonious compositions Sustainability in design Green architecture sustainable materials energy efficient design passive design strategies and LEED certification Architectural Drawing and Visualization Architectural drafting Technical drawing techniques orthographic projections floor plans elevations sections and details Architectural rendering Digital rendering techniques 3D modeling photorealistic rendering virtual reality VR walkthroughs and architectural visualization software Conceptual design Sketching ideation process design iterations concept development and visual communication in architecture Architectural History and Theory History of architecture Evolution of architectural styles major periods in architectural history influential architects and iconic buildings Architectural theory Theoretical frameworks in architecture e g formalism functionalism postmodernism critical theory and debates in architectural discourse Cultural context in architecture Cultural influences on architecture regional styles vernacular architecture and architecture as a reflection of societal values Building Materials and Construction Techniques Traditional building materials Wood stone brick mud and traditional construction methods e g timber framing masonry Modern building materials Steel concrete glass composite materials sustainable materials and advancements in construction technology Construction processes Building systems structural engineering foundation types building codes permits and project management in construction Architectural Criticism and Evaluation Architectural critique Criticism of architectural design aesthetics functionality sustainability social impact and cultural significance Architectural assessment Evaluating buildings and structures based on design principles construction quality usability and user experience Post occupancy evaluation Assessing building performance occupant satisfaction energy efficiency maintenance issues and feedback for improvement Urban Planning and Design Urban design principles Urban morphology city planning zoning regulations mixed use developments and creating livable urban spaces Sustainable cities Sustainable urban design green infrastructure public transportation systems pedestrian friendly design and urban revitalization Smart cities Technology integration in urban design IoT Internet of Things in cities data driven urban planning and digital innovation in urban environments Landscape Architecture Landscape design principles Landscaping elements e g plants hardscapes water features site analysis ecological design and sustainable landscaping Urban parks and public spaces Designing public parks plazas green spaces recreational areas and community engagement in park design Healing gardens and therapeutic landscapes Designing gardens for health and well being nature based interventions and therapeutic garden design principles Architectural Preservation and Heritage Conservation Historic preservation Conservation of historic buildings adaptive reuse restoration techniques and preserving architectural heritage Cultural heritage sites UNESCO World Heritage sites heritage conservation policies community involvement in heritage preservation and heritage tourism Architectural documentation Documentation of historic buildings archival research digital preservation techniques and heritage documentation standards Architectural Practice and Ethics Architectural firms Architectural practice models firm management project delivery methods e g design bid build design build and client relationships Professional ethics Architectural ethics codes ethical responsibilities of architects social responsibility in design and ethical dilemmas in architectural practice Continuing education and licensure Architectural education professional licensure requirements continuing education for architects and professional development in architecture These topics cover a wide range of areas within architecture including architectural styles design principles history theory drawing and visualization materials and construction urban planning landscape architecture preservation ethical considerations and professional practice THANK YOU

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SLU ART 212 - Architecture: Designing Spaces for Functionality and Aesthetics

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