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Geography Presented by Abigail Atiwag Geography is a diverse field that studies the Earth s physical features landscapes environments and human interactions with the natural world Here are some topics related to geography that you might find interesting Physical Geography Earth s structure Layers of the Earth plate tectonics earthquakes volcanoes and geological processes Landforms Mountains plateaus plains valleys deserts rivers lakes glaciers and coastal features Physical Geography Climate and weather Climate zones climate classification systems e g K ppen climate classification weather patterns climate change and meteorological phenomena Human Geography Population geography Population distribution population growth trends demographic transitions population density and migration patterns Cultural geography Cultural landscapes cultural regions cultural diffusion cultural diversity language distribution and religious geography Human Geography Urban geography Urbanization urban morphology city planning urban sprawl megacities and urban development challenges Economic geography Economic activities e g agriculture industry services economic systems globalization trade routes and regional economic disparities Human Geography Political geography Political boundaries nation states geopolitics political landscapes territorial disputes and international relations Environmental Geography Environmental systems Ecosystems biomes biodiversity natural resources environmental degradation and conservation Environmental sustainability Sustainable development environmental policies renewable energy climate action and ecological footprints Environmental Geography Human environment interactions Impact of human activities on the environment deforestation pollution land degradation water resources and climate change impacts Geographic Information Systems GIS GIS applications Mapping spatial analysis data visualization geospatial modeling and remote sensing GIS in research Geospatial data collection spatial data analysis techniques GIS software e g ArcGIS QGIS and geospatial technologies Geographical Techniques Cartography Map design map projections map scales thematic mapping and digital mapping Fieldwork and data collection Field surveys GPS technology aerial photography satellite imagery and geospatial data collection methods Geographical Techniques Geographical modeling Spatial modeling geographic modeling techniques landscape modeling and geographic information modeling GIM Cultural and Historical Geography Historical landscapes Archaeological sites ancient civilizations historical geography of regions and cultural heritage preservation Cultural diffusion Spread of cultures cultural exchange migration patterns cultural diffusion through trade routes and globalization impacts on cultures Cultural and Historical Geography Cultural geography case studies Study of specific cultural regions cultural landscapes and cultural identities in different geographical contexts Geopolitics and Geoeconomics Geopolitical analysis Geopolitical theories geopolitical conflicts territorial disputes strategic resources and geopolitical hotspots Geoeconomic trends Global economic shifts economic alliances trade blocs economic integration and geopolitical implications of economic policies Geography of Tourism Tourism geography Tourism destinations tourist behavior tourism impacts on environments and communities sustainable tourism and tourism planning Ecotourism Nature based tourism ecotourism principles conservation tourism and responsible tourism practices Geography of Health Medical geography Disease mapping health disparities spatial epidemiology healthcare access and environmental health Health geography case studies Study of health patterns disease outbreaks healthcare infrastructure and public health interventions in different geographic regions Geography Education and Careers Geography education Geographic literacy geography curriculum teaching geography concepts and geospatial education Careers in geography Geographic information systems GIS specialists environmental consultants urban planners cartographers geographers GIS analysts and remote sensing specialists These topics cover a wide range of areas within geography including physical geography human geography environmental geography geographical techniques cultural and historical geography geopolitics geoeconomics tourism geography health geography geography education and careers in geography You can explore specific topics based on your interests in the natural world human societies spatial analysis environmental issues or geographic information systems THANK YOU

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SLU EAS 117 - Geography: Exploring the Earth's Landscapes and Human Environments

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