IVC MGT 103 - Two Page Blocked Letter

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Two page blocked letter Our Ref JOB TJ 2023 May 4 The Manager Bogue Manufacturing Company Limited 125 Bogue Road MANCHESTER Jamaica Dear Sir Report on the Production and Performance of Secretaries in the Typing Pool for the Month of July 2006 In accordance with your request dated 31 May 2006 I hereby submit report on the production and performance of secretaries assigned to the typing pool During the month of July three unannounced visit were made to the typing pool The secretaries attendance aptitude to work department and quality of work were examined I am pleased to report that an all three visits were found punctual busy and orderly at work All work were neat and in good conditions except for Mrs Blackwood s who uses Machine number 206 Brother Electrical Typewriter My finding also prove that for the month under review 1512 typewriter articles were produced with the use of six typewriting ribbons and 1800 sheets of paper My investigations proved that the secretaries for the month of July were above average Mrs Blackwood s age of the typewriter and the poor quality of the typewriting ribbons Desk number 2 is without a machine In view of the findings the following recommendations were made 1 2 3 That as a quick and temporary measure Mrs Blackwood s typewriter be cleared and repaired That desk number 2 be provided with a typewriter and an additional secretary be employed for use of same That management consider training the secretaries in the new subject Electronic Document Preparation and Management and replace the typewriters with computers Tanesha Johnson page 1 Bogue Manufacturing Company Limited 4 That the typist be given incentives to encourage labour It is important that these recommendations be implemented before the rush period expected during the month by December 2006 Two page blocked letter 2 2023 May 4 Yours truly Phillip Andrew Tanesha Johnson page 1

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IVC MGT 103 - Two Page Blocked Letter

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