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Assignment 1 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Learning to key is of little value unless one applies it in preparing a useful document a letter a report and so on Three basic kinds of software applications are available to assist those with keying skill in applying that skill electronically Word Processing Software Word processing software is specifically designed to assist in the document preparation needs of individuals or business Word processing software permits the user to create edit format store and print document The software can be used to process a wide variety of documents such as memos letters reports and tables This software has editing and formatting features that reduce time and effort It permits error detection and correction merging of text with variables in another document or even another application for example database software and graphic design of pages These features increase efficiency while enhancing the appearance of documents Database Software A database is any collection of related items stored in computer memory The data in a database may be about club members employee payroll company sales and so on Database Software allows the user to enter data sort it retrieve and change it or select certain data such as an address for use in word processing documents Tanesha Johnson Assignment 1 2 Spreadsheet Software A spreadsheet is an electronic worksheet made up of columns and rows of data Spreadsheet software allows the user to create calculate edit retrieve modify and print graphs charts reports and spreadsheets necessary for current business operations and in planning for the A review of newspaper advertisements shows the skills that employers expect for most jobs competent use of word processing and spreadsheet softwares and familiarity with database future application Tanesha Johnson

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IVC BIO 1 - Assignment 1

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