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Thomas J Edwards Undergraduate Learning Center ULC 148 Precalculus Intermediate Algebra Trigonometry 4cr Summer 2021 End Date Friday August 20 2021 Location Virtual The instructor reserves the right to make adjustments to this syllabus as necessary Instructor Professor Hockaday Email hockaday buffalo edu Phone Number 716 406 8555 Office Location Zoom office https buffalo zoom us j 7659993828 pwd WWNHZCsrM2J4bGtmMk16SUd4VlVMQT09 Office Hours by appointment Class Time s ULC 148 VW1 Reg 11760 Start Date Monday July 2021 Note By enrolling and remaining in this course you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of this syllabus Pre Requisite ULC 147 or equivalent Credit ULC 148 satisfies the Mathematical Skills requirement of the General Education Program If you have taken a more advanced math course for credit e g MTH 121 131 141 or MTH 115 you are not eligible to take this course Course Description This course reviews pre calculus algebra and trigonometry emphasizing functions transformations combinations and composite functions Topics include graphing and applications of linear inverse quadratic polynomial and rational functions limits and the derivatives exponential and logarithmic functions and applications and trigonometric functions emphasizing sine and cosine Core Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course students will be able to master the algebraic and trigonometric tools and higher order thinking skills necessary for success in future mathematics courses while building confidence in their mathematical abilities Students will gain an increased knowledge of the topics of algebra and trigonometry and learn how these can be applied to solve problems By the end of this course students should be able to Understand how to graph polynomials including quadratics rational exponential logarithmic and trigonometric functions by determining roots end behavior x intercept y intercept asymptotes etc where appropriate Apply the appropriate properties of logarithmic expressions to simplify expressions and solve equations Model data sets to predict future outcomes Evaluate trigonometric function of any angle exact value where applicable in radians and degrees by applying appropriate identities and or formulas Verify trigonometric identities by applying appropriate identities Solve trigonometric equations by using appropriate identities and or formulas Find limits using tables graphs and properties of limits Determine the continuity of a function at a point using limits ULC 148 2019 P a g e 1 UB Portfolio If you are completing this course as part of your UB Curriculum requirements please select an artifact from this course that is representative of your learning and upload it to your UBPortfolio powered by Digication account Templates have been created for this purpose Artifacts include homework assignments exams research papers projects lab reports presentations and other course materials Your final UB Curriculum requirement UBC 399 UB Curriculum Capstone will require you to submit these artifacts as you process and reflect on your achievement and growth through the UB Curriculum For more information see the UB Curriculum Capstone website https www buffalo edu ubcurriculum capstone html Please know that the UB Curriculum office provides UBPortfolio support to students and instructors during the fall and spring semesters Monday Friday in 17 Norton Hall For hours visit https buffalo digication com ub portfolio ubportfolio walk in lab hours Course Materials ALEKS You will need two access codes 1 our class code which is WNQJH NXGYY and 2 an access code you will purchase this when you register for the class in ALEKS Complete registration directions and videos demonstrating the registration process can be found in the All Things ALEKS tab in UBLearns The ALEKS website is www aleks com Textbook There is no textbook for this section of ULC148 All learning will be done using ALEKS and supplementary videos notesheets Calculators A non programmable non graphing calculator is a required purchase for this course Its use will be allowed and encouraged throughout all aspects of this course Any calculators more advanced will not be allowed It is the responsibility of the students to check with the instructor that the calculator they have is appropriate for the course Recommended TI 30Xa TI 30X IIS Casio FX 300 Internet Access to the internet is mandatory for this course In addition to being able to access ALEKS you will need to be able to access the course s UBLearns site All relevant course material will be posted on UBLearns E Mail Check your UB email a minimum of once per day for messages containing information regarding this course Course Requirements Attendance Participation Since this is an online course there is no physical class to attend so there is no specific attendance policy However to successfully complete the course it will be necessary to participate by completing the work in ALEKS The amount of participation will vary from person to person However on average you will need to spend a minimum of twelve 12 hours per week working on the course content Students are expected to access materials course content and tests in ALEKS There are supplementary materials pertaining to the course content in the Videos and Notesheets tab in UBLearns Please be advised the videos and notesheets roughly follow the course content as it is taught in seated sections during the fall and spring semesters there is a textbook and a corresponding online homework program ALEKS is not used If you are looking for a specific topic it may be necessary to search through the videos and notesheets to locate what you are looking for If you cannot find a particular topic or if you want to know if there is a video or notesheet on a specific topic please email the instructor at hockaday buffalo edu Homework While there are no end of section homework assignments that you have most likely had in previous math courses you will be expected to work on the ALEKS computerized software program throughout the entire semester Consider the ALEKS PIE to be your homework Tests There will be four 4 online tests Material tested will be taken from ALEKS Each test will be two hours in length You will have one 1 attempt at each test and each test must be completed in one sitting All tests will be open for the entire semester you may take each test when you believe you are ready to do so Each test has a ULC 148 2019 P a g e 2

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