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Data Statistics with TI NSpire Data Statistics Reference Activities for TI Nspire Created by Anthony Thomas GKB CSD Garrett IN Column Name Column Letter List Screen Inputting Data One Variable Stats List Operations Create a new page and choose 4 Add Lists Spreadsheets Move your cursor to the top cell next to the column letter and type of the name of your column Hit and then input your data To add a new column move your cursor to the next column and input your data Press I to create a new page and choose 1 Add Calculator Press b and choose 6 Statistics Then choose 1 Stat Calculations Choose 1 One Variable Statistics You may choose other options based on your needs Type the number of lists for which you want to perform the operation Use the dropdown menu for X1 to choose the column name you want Then hit Nspire will quickly determine various values for a single list such as the maximum minimum average and sum of the elements To perform one of the operations above go to a calculator page and press b Choose 6 Statistics and then 3 List Math Choose the operation you want and then in the parentheses type the name of the column you want the information for Finally hit Choosing One Variable Stats Histogram Page List Math Screen Other List Options Linear Regression Sorting To get the linear regression equation create a calculator page To sort a list in increasing or decreasing order create a calculator page Press b and then choose Press b and then choose 6 Statistics 6 Statistics Choose 1 Stat Calculations Choose 4 List Operations and then choose either 3 or 4 and then choose either 1 or 2 Use the dropdown menu to choose the list that you want to compare You can change the frequency of Choose 2 Box Plot The plot You will be given an option to Box Whisker Plots Advanced Plot Menu Once your dot plot has been To change the width of choose the data you want to display by the name That is why you must name your data prior to displaying it your dot plot by grabbing the axis and moving it left and right You can also make your dot plot horizontal by moving your cursor along the left side of the screen until a white box appears Click in the box made press b and choose 1 Plot Types will automatically change Choose 3 Histogram to make a vertical histogram the histogram press b and choose 2 Plot Properties and then 2 Histogram Properties Choose 2 Bin Settings Under the Actions menu you can also place a standard curve over your histogram Data Page Displaying Data The Nspire easily displays data as a graph First create a new page and choose 5 Data Statistics The data points will appear randomly on the page To make a vertical dot plot click on Click to Add Variable text at the bottom of the screen Data Statistics with TI NSpire Data Statistics Reference Activities for TI Nspire Created by Anthony Thomas GKB CSD Garrett IN Creating Scatter Plots More Scatter Plots Linear Regression Input your data in a list page Remember to title your columns Press I to insert a new Connect your dots by press ing b on one of the dots and choose Connect Data Points Once the scatter plot has been made plot the regression line by pressing b and then 4 Analyze Data page Move the cursor over a point Choose 6 Regression Click on Click Here to Add Variable at the bottom of the page to choose your independent variable Click on Click Here to Add Variable at left side of the page to choose your dependent variable to see the coordinates To change either the inde pendent or dependent vari able click on the variable you want to change and then choose the variable with which to replace it Choose the type of regression that you want The regression line or curve will automatically appear with the regression equation under it Scatter Plot with Regression Line Scatter Plot Graph Trace of Regression Line Plotting Points Using Graph Trace Tool Graph Tracing You can trace points along the regression line in your scatter plot To trace a graph press b and then choose 4 Analyze Then choose A Graph Trace Press the left or right direction arrows to move along the graph The coordinates of the exact point will appear You can plot an infinite number of points on the regression line using the Graph Trace tool While using the Graph Trace tool click or hit enter at any point A point and its coordinate will appear Move the cursor to the next point you want to plot and re peat the above step Continue until all of your points have been plotted

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